What was your First Experience with TENGA?

At TENGA, we have done a lot of research on masturbation. The vast majority of information comes from our own annual TENGA Global Self-Pleasure Report. While this gives us a lot of information surrounding masturbation and the attitudes surrounding it globally, including the US. This report unfortunately lacks personal stories about experiences with our products! 

We asked our followers on Twitter to let us know what their first experience with a TENGA product was like, and if they had any advice for other sex toy users. Our fans helped us and responded with their thoughts and plenty of useful suggestions! 

We've split our findings between statistics and anecdotes - this post will cover the stories (and you can read the statistics here). Let’s find out what they had to say.* 

* Please note, the samples below are from our followers on TENGA Twitter who largely identify as male with penises and so the responses are taken from their experiences.


What Was Your First TENGA?

We asked our followers “What was your first TENGA?” and there are two definite winners from all the products we listed; the TENGA EGGs and TENGA CUPs

This makes sense, with both of those product series being some of our most globally-recognized products, and with a cheaper price point, they are some of our most recommended sex toys for beginners as well as those looking to try a variety of new sensations. 

Outside of those two top choices, the TENGA SPINNER, TENGA FLIP HOLE and FLIP ZERO Series ranked highly in people's choices. The SPINNER and FLIP ZERO items also rank highly in our most recommended reusable products due to their popularity with fans thanks to their exceptional stimulations. 

Did You Understand How to Use Your TENGA?

Our next question asked “Did you understand how to use your first TENGA?”, and thankfully an overwhelming majority of 93% of participants answered yes! We do our best to design our products to be as intuitive as possible, with most of our reusable products coming with a manual on how to make use of them.

That being said, if you are having trouble knowing how to use your TENGA there’s no cause for concern! We have plenty of blogs on how to use your TENGA, such as our article detailing how to use the TENGA EGGs or FLIP Series. Just use the search function of our store, type ‘How to Use’ and you should be able to find the right blog for your TENGA!

We also have our manual page where you can download a PDF online for any of our products in multiple languages. If all else fails, you can always send us an email and one of our team members will answer any questions you may have!

Did You Enjoy Your First Experience With a TENGA?

Next, we asked our followers “Was your first experience with a TENGA Good?” and thankfully again the majority of our respondents answered “Yes”! It should be noted that the response we received for the “No” was as follows:

  • I chose it thinking it would fit my size but it was extremely tight (it was my fault too)

We think it may not necessarily be the respondents' fault, however, as buying a wrong sized sex toy is one of the most common mistakes made when buying for the first time. You can read our blog on other common mistakes here if you’re unsure of making your first purchase. 

For those who enjoyed their first time, we’re glad to hear that! We also do have an article on various masturbation positions if you want to try something new with your TENGA next time.

If your First TENGA was Reusable, Did you Find it Easy to Clean and Store After Use?

The next question was a little less one-sided. We asked our followers “If your First TENGA was reusable, did you find it easy to clean and store after use?”. This time almost 80% answered “Yes”, with just over 20% responding “No”. Of those who said no, they noted the following as to why they had some issues:

  • The way the TENGA Spinner is made, You can't turn it inside out for cleaning like most adult novelties. That and drying could take a while.
  • Product became somewhat sticky

For issues like these, you can always refer back to our How to Use blogs, which have a section on how to properly clean your reusable TENGAs. For example, we give you some tips on best cleaning practices for your TENGA SPINNER here. Our manuals also give advice on how to care for your toy, and once again we’re always happy to help if you contact us with your concerns.

What Advice would you Give Someone Buying their First TENGA?

Finally, we asked our followers “What advice would you give someone buying their first TENGA?” and our fans made us proud with their excellent advice. Here are some of the best suggestions:

  • “I'd say to start with a one-use toy, to find out if you like it or not, and then move on to the reusable ones: they'll stay with you for a long time if you take proper care! And there are so many different toys, there's something out there for everyone. Also, choose a toy that looks good to you, so that you can use it as a decoration in your bedroom!”
  •  “Make sure to buy lube alongside your first reusable TENGA. Most come with a free sample packet, but these toys really work best when you properly lube them with each use.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to do your research, and don’t be nervous about using it. Relax and have fun!"
  • “Read first. Tenga is very user-friendly. Easy to understand and you will feel that TENGA really knows its craft.”
  • “Read the description, use properly your toy, put some lube inside it and enjoy the experience! Take your time and don't rush. Feel all the pleasure!”

While we agree with the first comment about trying a disposable first to experience the new sensation for a budget, there was also the following comment:

  • “Spend the extra money and get a reusable one, maybe the Tenga Flex, because you'll definitely want to try them again!”

Honestly, neither is the right or wrong answer. It all depends on what you’re happy to spend, what product looks right for you and what you want to experience. We have these handy blogs on our Top 5 disposable and reusable products if you need some extra guidance. We definitely agree that you should take some time to research what you think would suit you best - it’s worth it!


Overall our followers seemed to enjoy their first experience with a TENGA, no matter which item it was. They understood how to use it, and found it easy to clean and store. No matter which TENGA our respondents used for the first time, it seems they found the pleasure of self-pleasure! We hope this article helps you understand a little bit more about other peoples’ first time experiences with TENGA, whether it helps you feel more comfortable trying your first sex toy or knowing others felt the same as you. 

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