How to use the TENGA FLIP


How to use the TENGA FLIP

The TENGA FLIP series is one of the most recent and advanced sex toys of TENGA’s products. There are several variations of the TENGA FLIP series, most can be used and cleaned in the same way, with the key difference being in interior design and sensations offered. Below we’ll cover the most popular of the series, the FLIP 0, with instructions on how to use and clean your sex toy correctly. 


The TENGA FLIP 0 continues to be one of the most popular reusable sex toys in the TENGA male masturbation range.

Utilizing the best materials and latest production technology, the TENGA FLIP 0 also features pioneering FLIP-open function that keeps the item hygienic for multiple uses.

The TENGA FLIP 0 is available in both White and Black versions. The Black version offers stronger materials and sensations than the White, as well as a modified interior design to increase stimulation.

TENGA also has the FLIP 0 EV (Electronic Vibrations) which offers an additional experience through extra electronic stimulus. 

How to use the TENGA FLIP

The TENGA FLIP is designed to be both easy to use, clean and store. Here’s a brief breakdown of how to use your reusable sex toy.


  1. Remove outer case by slightly twisting and lifting.
  2. Remove slide arms from FLIP 0
  3. Squeeze the rails lightly to open the FLIP 0
  4. Make sure to lubricate the inside and the insertion point then close up again
  5. Slide the slide arms back on
  6. Insert and enjoy. The pressure pad can be used for added control and stimulation


  1. Remove the Slide Arms and flip the item open.
  2. Wash under running lukewarm water and mild/neutral soap.
  3. Place on the Slide Arms to air dry.
  4. Once completely dry, close and replace Slide Arms for storage.

TENGA FLIP Series Variations

There are 2 key variations of TENGA FLIPs sold globally, the FLIP HOLE and the FLIP ORB series of sex toys. 

This series predates the FLIP 0, but offers an exciting range of experiences for those who want variety in their male masturbators. Each of the colors holds a different internal design that is unique from the next. The buttons on the front comprise the One Hand Control Pad which allows the user to control different pressure points for added sensations.

The TENGA FLIP ORB is available in 4 varieties, both the White and Black Blue Rush and Orange Crash. The FLIP ORBs are unique as they feature orbs that flex and move as you insert, creating layered stimulation for a completely new sensation. The Black version offers a sex toy with stronger, edgier internal details.


Hopefully this guide helps you to enjoy your TENGA FLIP, whether you want to add a high level reusable male masturbator to your collection or treat yourself with a sex toy reusable TENGA that offers exciting stimulations. 

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