How to Use the TENGA 3D

The TENGA 3D Series is one of the earliest TENGA series, announced globally back in 2011. This series differs from the TENGA CUP Series, in that it does not have the classic Original Vacuum Cup shape, nor the red design. This series was designed to look like pieces of art, something that would fit in perfectly with a room’s decor. Made from stretchable material, they can fit most sizes, similar to the TENGA EGG, although the 3D Series is reusable, much more durable, and has a longer shape.


Introduction to the TENGA 3D Series

the TENGA 3D Series

The 3D Series looks like objets d’art at first glance, but when you invert them, the external details get used as internal details for incredible sensations during masturbation. All aspects have been considered when designing this item, from the stretchable, antibacterial material to keep things hygienic, to the storage case that looks like a display stand.Each of the 5 items in the 3D series has a completely different design, for cool aesthetics as well as unique, incredible feelings. Let’s have a closer look at them all.

TENGA 3D Series Lineup

5 different products, 5 art styles, 5 unique sensations



The ribbed spiral running through creates a pleasing look and satisfying sensations throughout the item.



This block art piece has protruding blocks to provide bold sensations, while the indented parts create pockets of vacuum for a powerful feeling.


The mesmerizing delicate ribs flowing across the surface provide gentle, enveloping stimulations.


The polygonal surfaces of this cubist work of art combine smooth surfaces with defined edges for a serene experience.


A geometric, avant-garde design of densely-packed triangles spaces out near the top, for an intense, graduated stimulation from the countless bold

How to use the TENGA 3D

The 3D is a male sex toy that has been designed for ease of use, cleaning, and storage, and is made from antibacterial elastomer, preventing 99.9% of bacteria from attaching.Amazing masturbation sensations, simple to clean, and gives peace of mind, what more could you want?Here is how it all works:


TENGA 3D How to use Part 1

1) Remove the clear top case.
2) Remove the 3D from the stand.
3) Invert the 3D so the external designs become the stimulating internal details.
4) Make sure to lubricate the inside and the insertion point of the 3D.
5) Insert and enjoy.


TENGA 3D How to use Part 2

1) Wash the item thoroughly with warm, running water and invert it. A mild, neutral soap can be used.
2) Place the 3D on the stand with the details on the outside to air dry.
3) Replace the clear cover to store.

TENGA 3D Series Summary

With this, we hope that it is clear that these male sex toys are not only beautiful to look at, but can also provide a wealth of unique sensations with their stretchable material for most sizes. Easy to use and clean, as well as very affordable, the TENGA 3D will be a wonderful addition to any collection.What is your art style?

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