1. What's in the Subscription Box?
  2. Why Subscribe?
  3. Frequently Asked Questions


What's in the Subscription Box?

A quarterly subscripction service where you'll receive a bundle of our best selling items for you to try.

 The USA TENGA Store team will select some of our favorite items and best-sellers every three months.
This is a great offer for those who want to try out our recommended products, at a lower cost than if you bought them separately.

What's on Sale Right Now?

Product Lineup
TENGA EGG SHINY - Pride Edition

Total Product Value: $55
Subscription Price: $45 (18% Off!)



Benefit ① Try Our Recommended Items

We'll take the hassle out of item selection by sending you our best-sellers and favorites!

Benefit ② Discounted Prices

All subscription boxes are on sale at $45 with retail value of $50 or more - that's equal to or more than 10% off!

Benefit ③ Free Delivery

Enjoy Free Delivery worth an average of $10, anywhere in the USA!


 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I cancel or pause my subscription?
A. You can cancel at any time by going to My Account > Manage Subscription. Unfortunately we aren't currently able to pause or skip subscription periods. We're able to offer these low prices thanks to your continued subscription, and hope for your understanding.

Q. When is delivery? Can I change delivery dates?
A. The first delivery will be the next business day from the date of order. From the second delivery, your items will be shipped out on the 25th of every third month after your first order.
(e.g.; First order June 4th, delivered June 5th, Second Order delivered September 25th.)
If the 25th of the delivery month falls on a weekend or public holiday, it will be sent out on the last weekday before the 25th. We are unable to change delivery dates.

Q. Will I know what is in the next box before-hand?
A. While you can see what's in the box for that quarter on this page, since the items are selected based on our recommendations and best-sellers, we're unable to notify you beforehand.

Q. Can I choose which items go in the box?
A. At this time we are unable to change the content of the boxes, nor can we ship previous boxes after that quarter.

Q. When will I be charged for my subscription?
A. You will be charged every quarter (every three months) for your subscription. The first charge will be on the day of your first order, and the following charges will occur on the same date every three months.

Q. What payment options are available?
A. At this time we can only accept orders by credit card. Amazon Pay is not an available payment option at this time.