5 TENGA Sex Toys that are Best for Beginners


In recent years the global attitude to male masturbation and men using sex toys has taken a positive turn away from the perceived taboo. In fact, TENGA found in their 2020 Global Self Pleasure Report that in the US alone 41% of men have used a sex toy. This is up drastically from the 20% of men from the same report conducted in 2016. While this is a positive change, and TENGA also discovered that most men masturbate regularly, there is still a large percentage who have never tried a sex toy before.

Although it might be hard to find the right beginner sex toy for you, we’d like to introduce 5 of the best TENGA masturbators for beginners.   

Product 1: TENGA STANDARD Original Vacuum CUP

The first in the product line of male masturbators for TENGA and the sex toy that started everything, the Original Vacuum CUP is perfect for beginners in this respect. Designed as a relatively affordable yet high quality disposable male sex toy, the CUP can be purchased and used by a complete beginner as a quick and easy introduction into the world of male sex toys. While this may be the first in the TENGA male masturbator line, the interior designs are intricate and offer multiple different sensations. Covering the air hole at the top of the cup with a finger can create additional vacuum suction.  

If a beginner uses the Original Vacuum CUP and likes it then there is an easy next step for him too. The STANDARD CUP series also features the TENGA SOFT CASE CUP, TENGA ROLLING HEAD CUP, TENGA DUAL SENSATION and TENGA AIR FLOW CUP. All of these male masturbators offer the same affordable yet quality design in a sex toy but with various different purposes. Each of these CUPs offer a different way for a beginner to move onto trying new sensations and stimulations without breaking the bank.

Beginners can enjoy testing out a variety of different sensations at an affordable price, and dispose of them after use to avoid cleaning and storing.

Product 2: TENGA EGG Packs

Another affordable alternative to the Original Vacuum CUP is the TENGA EGG Packs. Each of these packs come with six disposable single use EGGs that feature different sensations and stimulations with their unique interior designs. Buying a pack of TENGA EGGs or even a couple of single, separate EGGs can offer beginners to male sex toys the chance to experience something new without spending too much money and with a product that is both easy to use and even easier to dispose of. 

Each EGG features a unique interior design and comes packaged with a small amount of lotion. All a beginner needs to do is open the EGG, add the lotion inside the EGG and around the insertion point and use. Once satisfied all you need to do is put the EGG back into the packaging, seal it up again and throw away. With over 18 designs beginners can take their time in finding the perfect stimulation for them, all at an affordable price. 

Perfect for beginners, there are so many types to try out, and since they are made of super-stretch material, they can fit almost any size. The designs on the outside show the internal details inside, to make choosing easier.


The TENGA SPINNER is one of the most popular of the TENGA male masturbator line-up. It’s also one of the best sex toys for an affordable entry point into the world of reusable male masturbators.

There are nine different sex toys in the SPINNER range, each with a different rating for three different factors: firmness, stimulation and diameter. This product also won the Red Dot Design Award in 2019, so men looking for the best beginner sex toy can be assured of the quality and design of this product. 

One of the reasons that makes the SPINNER the most popular and great for beginners is the all-new internal coil. The internal coil makes makes the SPINNER twist as you insert, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke. The SPINNER is also easy to manipulate for a beginner, with not much motion needed to get great stimulation. The product is easy to care for even for first time users of reusable sex toys. The design of the product case allows the sex toy to not only be stored safely from dust but also allows the user to dry the masturbator after washing.

The TENGA SPINNER offers a great solution for beginners of male sex toys looking for a reusable option that is easy to use and clean.

Product 4: TENGA FLEX

The TENGA FLEX is a step up from the TENGA SPINNER in terms of both quality and design. This male masturbator's spiral-ribbed casing creates a “spinning stimulation”, and covering the air hole at the top of the item during use enhances the spiraling movement. Additionally, the FLEX’s malleable casing allows the user to squeeze, twist and grip the item to directly change the stimulation, so a beginner can use the item as gently as required or get additional sensations once used to the feel.

Much like the TENGA SPINNER, the FLEX also received the Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2018, so beginners can be reassured of the quality and design of this sex toy. Also the FLEX has a similarly built in drying system as the SPINNER, with the user being able to invert the Stand Cap of the product to produce a handy stand for the user to place the FLEX when drying after washing. 

Out of the mid-range products TENGA has, this is a great beginner introduction to sex toys that can easily be cared for and reused.

Product 5: TENGA FLIP 0

The TENGA FLIP 0 is last on our list because even though it is a great sex toy for both beginners and people used to male masturbators, it is the most expensive on the list. In this respect it might not be the best option for first time users who want to experience a sex toy for the first time on a budget, but in terms of sensation, quality and reusability it is definitely top of the list. 

Using the finest materials yet and the latest technology, the FLIP 0 features a seamless insertion point which provides the perfect seal for no lubricant leakage and a strong vacuum made possible via a one-way valve. The FLIP 0 features the most intricate internal details on this list for great sensation, and TENGA’s pioneering FLIP-open function keeps the item hygienic for multiple uses.

The FLIP 0 also features an in-built drying system with the Sliding Arms providing a stand for the FLIP 0 to be dried on after the user has cleaned the product. Although this item is a favorite with users used to male masturbators, this may also be the perfect item for a beginner who is willing to buy a more expensive sex toy with the expectation of a long lasting experience. 

The FLIP 0 series is also one of the few TENGA products that has a vibrator function. While the original FLIP 0 functions as a regular quality male masturbator would, the FLIP 0 EV (Electronic Vibration) adds in the option of a vibration through two vibrating cores that are housed inside the elastomer interior design of the item. While this may not be the right entry point for a first time user of male sex toys, it is a great example of the next steps in purchase that can be made and the options now available to the male masturbator market.

Which Sex Toy is the Best Beginner Product for Me?

Ultimately the decision on which beginner sex toy is best for you is your decision. You need to find the right mix of potential sensations, price and reusability for you. However with this list I hope we have provided you with an introduction to various male masturbators of different price points and sensations for you to have an idea what sex toys are available to you.

TENGA CUP Series: Affordable, various sensations, disposable to avoid cleaning and storage

TENGA EGG Series: Affordable, various designs, disposable to avoid cleaning and storage

TENGA SPINNER Series: Lower priced, reusable, various levels of stimulation, easy to clean, dry and store with the included drying case

TENGA FLEX Series: Mid priced, reusable, various levels of stimulation, easy to clean, dry and store with the included stand cap, can control the suction with the air hole

TENGA FLIP ZERO Series: Higher priced, various levels of stimulation, top quality design and sensations, easy to clean, dry and store with the slide arms and stand, can control the suction and pressure with the one way valve and pressure pads, Can have vibrating motors

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