Masturbation Positions

Most people have a favorite position to enjoy their ‘me time’, but what are all the options available? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Read on to find out.


    Why change the way you masturbate? Well, by doing so, you could strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, leading to stronger erections, among other positive benefits. Also, it can lead to different sensations, making the experience fresh and new. Plus, experiencing pleasure in various ways could give you more confidence in trying new experiences with a partner.

    Sitting Down

    Sitting with a straight back on a chair (or similar furniture)


    This is a classic position, as many people masturbate while watching adult content online. Spreading the legs also allows the genitals more room for comfort. Just make sure to have enough lumbar support!

    Lying Down

    Lying flat on your back on an even surface


    This position can be the most relaxing, as there is no strain of being upright, and allows you to really focus on all aspects of the pleasure.

    Word of warning: Make sure to not tense your legs! Some people do this as tensing the lower muscles can affect climax, but getting used to doing this has the chance of creating ejaculation disorders later on

    This position also has the benefit of being the easiest to explore your body. With your hands free you can use them to explore your pleasure points, to see what feels good for you.

    Another way to mix up your masturbation routine is to use this relaxing position to use your imagination instead of other media.

    On the Side

    Lying on a flat surface on one side

    This position can make thrusting motions easier, the technique of thrusting instead of moving your hand can change the sensations and make it feel like a completely different experience.

    The weight of the leg can also add some nice pressure down below, as well as no neck strain when watching videos!


    Sitting down (not on a chair) with legs crossed

    Similar to sitting on a chair, without the chair. This position is popular in Japan, where culturally sitting on the floor is more common than in western cultures. For some this is perfect for more mindful masturbation, the feeling similar to meditation leading to paying more attention to your body and imagination. 

    Face Down

    Lying face down on a flat surface

    The weight of your body on your penis means this way can lend itself to 2 different techniques, either thrusting into your hand, or rubbing on the surface (of the bed, pillows, etc). While the first can be a great new way of doing things, rubbing can cause some issues. Since rubbing is very different from intercourse, if you get acclimatized to the sensations, it could cause ejaculation disorders in the future


    Self-explanatory - standing up

    Standing up can give a feeling of freedom and power, feeling the air all over your body, looking down from a higher position. Also the position to use in different rooms, such as the shower.

    Some things to be careful with: If the session lasts a long time it can get tiring, and there is a danger of falling if your legs get weak at climax. You could lean against a wall for support!


    Both knees touching the ground, and a straight back

    Much like standing, this gives you a new perspective, but requires less effort. It is also easy to switch to all fours from this position, which we will look at next.

    On All Fours

    Both knees and one hand/arm touching a flat surface, facing down


    Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

    By being on your knees, and holding yourself up with one arm, you are likely to be in a completely different position than how you normally masturbate. Not only can this make the experience feel new and exciting, but can also be good exercise! (It is like planking after all)


    There are plenty of different positions to try, and since there are no right or wrong ways to self pleasure, try them out and enjoy! Just changing things up a bit can make masturbation seem new again, and who knows, you might find a new favorite position!

    While we do suggest the sitting down position for regular masturbation sessions, be careful of some techniques that are used with certain positions, as sensations that differ from intercourse can lead to ejaculation disorders later in life, if used too much

    Otherwise, go out there, try something new, and have fun. Happy experimenting!

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