Circumcised Masturbation

Circumcision is practiced around the world, for various reasons and for different percentages of the population. This article will briefly go over why and where it happens, as well as the important question: does masturbation change after circumcision?



    Why Circumcision?

    Although the original reason for circumcision is lost to the mists of time, it was most likely some religious rite of passage. Although practiced for a long time by religions such as Judaism and Islam, it only became popular in the US from the mid 19th century.

    At that time, circumcision was seen as a status symbol, as it meant you had access to doctors in hospitals (instead of midwives). It was thought to have multiple benefits such as curing phimosis (too tight foreskin), being good for genital hygiene, and preventing masturbation (which was frowned upon at the time).

    In countries like the UK there was a sharp decline in the number of circumcisions in the mid 20th century. This was from the combined fear of side effects as well as it not being available on the NHS (so people would have to pay for it).

    As the US never had socialized medicine, doctors kept pushing for the procedure as it was normalized and a good source of revenue.

    There are supposed benefits to the procedure, including decreased risk of STIs, curing phimosis, and lower risk of penile cancer.

    While in most cases it is not a medical requirement, it is very common in the US. Be proud of your body either way.

    So What’s Different?

    Most people have either been circumcised or not for most of their lives, and may be wondering what life is like for the other side. Or if you might be considering circumcision in the future, let’s have a look at the differences.

    Masturbation: Usually masturbation for uncircumcised people includes sliding the foreskin up and down, without it, methods will have to change.

    Sensations: There are some claims that there will be less sensation during sexual activity after circumcision, but these claims have been called into doubt. Most people will not notice a major change.

    Looks: The main difference is that there will be no hood while flaccid. Size is based on genetics, and is not really affected by foreskin.

    Cleaning: Cleaning is now slightly easier, as you no longer have to take care to clean under the foreskin.

    Just Been Circumcised? How Long Must You Wait to Masturbate?

    So after the operation, you will obviously eventually need some self pleasure. But how long should you wait until resuming masturbating? And what happens if you start too early?

    As always, it is best to speak with your doctor before doing anything related to the affected area, as they can give the best advice for your particular case.

    General advice is to avoid any sort of sexual activity for 4 weeks. Of course, this can be different depending on care and your body’s natural healing abilities.

    Masturbating before it has fully healed, can cause the stitches to rip, leading to bleeding and increased chance of infection. Make sure the stitches have dissolved, and stop if there is any pain.

    A New Way to Masturbate

    After losing your hood, the main question is, how should you masturbate after circumcision? And what is safe masturbation without a foreskin?

    There is one main key point, and that is lubrication. This allows the hand to slide easier over the penis for stimulation, while keeping the general movements the same as before. If there is still a bit of soreness, focusing mainly on the head (and penile frenulum) is a way to avoid the sensitive area.

    Of course using well lubricated sex toys can also achieve the same results safely!


    Circumcision is normal in the US, and around the world both cut and uncut are common. The main differences between the two is that of looks and masturbation methods. If you are circumcised, make sure that you are fully healed before trying anything sexual, and remember that lubrication is essential!

    Other than that, enjoy the easier cleaning that comes with the new look, and circumcised or uncircumcised, enjoy exploring new avenues of pleasure (with lube).

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