Does Masturbation Have Effects on Your Skin?

As many of you might already know, masturbation has a long list of benefits, including improving self-esteem, de-stress, and helping us relax. However, there are also a lot of misunderstandings about the effects of masturbation, including the effects on your skin. Due to some of these beliefs, some might be afraid of masturbation. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the topic of masturbation and your skin, and what are some misconceptions and skin benefits from masturbation.


Masturbation and Skin 

We all know actions such as drinking more water can be beneficial for your skin. What about masturbation? Are there skin benefits or even side effects to masturbation?

While it can be hard to know as masturbation was seen as taboo or often left out of conversations, as we move closer to a masturbation and sex-friendly society, we realize masturbation is beneficial in many ways to a person’s health and self-care. It is important that we take a closer look at the effects of masturbation on your skin too.

Misconceptions about Masturbation and Skin

There are many misconceptions regarding masturbation causing skin conditions. Since little is talked about masturbation, it can cause a lot of misunderstandings and rumors. Let’s take a look at two common misunderstandings between masturbation and skin.

1. Masturbation Causes Acne?

First of all, masturbation does not cause acne. It is a myth.

This misconception can be explained by the fact that when a person starts to masturbate it is most likely during puberty, which is also when one would start getting acne. So when people start masturbating, it just so happens to be at the same time that they hit puberty and their hormones are causing acne. It is also said that the myth of masturbation causing acne is used to prevent young people from sexual exploration and experience.

Another point some would mention is when masturbating you often have fluctuations of a combination of hormones, and acne is related to the changes in hormones. Thus, many assume the hormonal imbalance from masturbation would cause acne.

In reality, the amount of hormones that occurs during masturbation is minimal, and once ejaculated, the hormone is released. Plus, acne is most likely caused by the hormones that induce the production of sebum (oil), while masturbation itself or the hormones released do not cause the production of sebum.

2. Masturbation Can Give You Rashes?

While this is not a myth, there are some misunderstandings regarding masturbation and rashes. For some people with sensitive skin or allergic reactions to the ingredients of the lubricant or the material of the sex toy, masturbation might cause a rash.

It is important to use body-safe sex toys that you are not allergic to, and properly clean your sex toy after use for hygienic purposes. In addition, sometimes rashes are caused by too much friction, proper lubrication can reduce the chance of rashes, or avoid excessive masturbation that might cause skin irritation.

Acne and rashes are huge skin concerns, however, these can occur whether or not you are masturbating. While there are no direct negative side effects of masturbation on your skin, there are plenty of skin benefits.

How Masturbation Can Help Your Skin

Masturbation can actually help your skin in unexpected ways, including making your skin glow, improving skin conditions, and more.

Based on a small study, a majority of women reported that masturbating has benefited their skin including less sagging, improved elasticity and firmness, fewer wrinkles and fine lines, increased luminosity and radiance, and overall skin condition improvement.

According to Dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, the de-stressing factor of masturbating or having sex can help reduce inflammation, which also leads to better skin. Plus, we know stress itself is bad for our skin, so it is a win-win situation!

Another benefit is the “post-sex glow”. This happens when blood flow to your face causes your skin to glow and possibly have a youthful appearance after orgasm, and it can be achieved from either sex or masturbation. It is also said that regular orgasms can have long-term skin benefits!

Look at all those amazing things masturbation does to your skin!


Masturbation not only does not cause skin conditions, but in fact, has shown many benefits to your skin, such as increasing skin radiance, elasticity, and firmness.

Not only is masturbation good for your skin, there are many additional benefits such as relaxing and de-stressing and helping you sleep. We hope this post has helped you understand more about masturbation and skin and made you feel a little bit more comfortable with masturbation.

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