What Happens if You Masturbate Every Day?

As we move towards a sex-and-masturbation-positive society, many of us might have questions regarding this topic. Like any subject, it is good to ask questions and learn more. Some questions that come up are: what happens if you masturbate everyday? Is it ok to masturbate everyday? Are there people that masturbate everyday?

In this article, we are going to take a look at the idea of masturbating everyday, including average frequency of masturbation from around the world, the benefits of masturbation, and what would happen if you do masturbate everyday.



Average Frequency of Masturbation From Around the World

For some people masturbation might be a one-time thing. However, for many people, masturbation is a regular part of their lives, so let’s find out the average frequency of masturbation from all around the world.

According to our Global Self Pleasure Report 2021;
- In the United States, 67% of men masturbate weekly or more. And 17% of men say they masturbate daily.
- In the United Kingdom, the percentage of men that masturbate weekly or more is 73%, with 16% masturbating everyday.
- In Germany, 65% of men masturbate weekly or more and 17% of them masturbate daily.
- In Spain, 67% of men masturbate weekly or more and 14% stated they masturbate every day.
- In France, with the lowest number on this list, 46% of men masturbate weekly or more and only 11% of men masturbate every day.

It can be seen that masturbating weekly or more is more common than one would realize. That there is also a significant amount of people who masturbate every day. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of masturbating regularly.


Benefits of Masturbating Regularly

Not only does masturbation feel good for the individual, there are many other beneficial factors too. Which is why some consider masturbation as part of their self-care routine and are happy to do it regularly.

The benefits of masturbation include:
Reduce stress
- Help you relax
Release feel good hormones
Improve sleeping quality
- Satisfy sexual needs
- Improve communication between partners
- Improve confidence and self-esteem
- Learn more about yourself
- Boost your immune system
- May reduce the chance of prostate cancer

The benefits of masturbation can vary from person to person, and in general there is no harm to masturbating every day.

Effects of Masturbating Every Day

There are more pluses than minuses when it comes to masturbating every day. Masturbating every day can be great for people as it helps reduce stress and make you feel good about yourself.

However, just like anything, once the activity starts to affect your relationships as well as your ability to work and function in daily life, that’s when masturbating everyday might be something you want to look out for and it would be recommended that you seek help. This could be that you prioritize masturbating over other events (friends, family, or work), or the fact that masturbating is causing a mental toll on you. Find out more about the possible side effects of excessive masturbation here.

In addition, it is important to note that if you are masturbating every day, you should masturbate safely and correctly. The effects of masturbating every day with incorrect methods can possibly lead to a range of issues, such as irritation to the skin to ejaculation disorders.

You must be thinking, what about hair loss, blindness, hairy palms, and even shrinkage of your penis and other side effects that you can find on the internet or heard from one guy that heard from another. Fortunately, they are just myths and old wives’ tales that have been passed around for years. So even if you do masturbate everyday, that doesn’t mean your hair will start to thin, or your eyesight will go bad.


So to answer the question, what happens if you masturbate every day?
Pleasure, de-stressed, and confidence aside, nothing much will happen if you masturbate every day.

There is nothing wrong with masturbating on a regular basis, and many people do so as you can see from the survey. However, please keep in mind if masturbating every day is affecting you mentally, socially, and emotionally, that is when it can be an issue.

Aside from that, have fun and enjoy yourself and masturbate away!

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