How to Use the TENGA EGG


The TENGA EGG Series is one of our most popular disposable products worldwide, and one of our top selling TENGA products. Its unique shape differs a lot in comparison to many other disposable sex toy products out in the market.
Along with our other popular items, such as the TENGA CUP Series and the TENGA SPINNER Series, the EGG Series has gained so much attention, a few people have been wondering about how to use the TENGA EGG.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need to enjoy this unique little item.




Grab a Standard Six Pack

The TENGA EGG is a collection of single use disposable sex toys that are super-stretchable. You can purchase each individually or in a Variety Pack which contain six EGGs from the same series.

First of all, we do receive inquiries about whether larger men can use this sex toy. For reference, the TENGA EGG is made of a super-stretchable material that can even cover a 500ml plastic bottle. In general, this sex toy can stretch to fit almost any size. The EGG can stretch for complete coverage or, if you prefer, direct stimulation focused on the head of the penis.



The TENGA EGG is simple and easy to use.

1. Remove shrink wrapping of the egg-shaped case.
2. Remove the enclosed EGG LOTION and apply to the detailed interior of the soft EGG as well as the insertion point.
3. Insert and pull down by the base of the EGG to avoid breakage.
5. When finished, place the used item back into the egg-shaped casing and seal again.
6. Dispose of the EGG.

super stretchable, fit almost any size

Please note you should stretch the TENGA EGG from the base, as gripping from the top can cause the item to prematurely break.



EGG Standard Variety Pack
The TENGA EGG Series is widely available in four Variety Packs. The first set is the Standard Variety Pack. This collection features the TENGA EGG WAVY II, EGG BOXY, EGG BRUSH, EGG TORNADO, EGG SPHERE, and the EGG SILKY II.

Hard Boiled Variety Pack
The Hard Boiled Variety Pack comes with the TENGA EGG THUNDER, EGG CRATER, EGG MISTY, EGG CLOUDY, EGG SHINY, and EGG SURFER varieties.
EGG Wonder Pack
The Wonder Variety Pack features the TENGA EGG WIND, EGG STUD, EGG MESH, EGG TUBE, EGG CURL, and the EGG RING.

Hard Boiled II SeriesOur latest series, the Hard Boiled II Variety Pack, has an even firmer elastomer for those looking for even more stimulation. New internal designs make for exciting pleasure! The Hard Boiled II Variety Pack features the TENGA EGG SPIRAL, EGG SHINY II, EGG COMBO, EGG CONE, EGG MISTY II, and EGG GEAR.

each EGG has unique internal details

These EGGs may look the same, but each one has different internal details to provide a variety of simulations. The designs on the exterior packaging are based on the internal textures. You will have an amazing time finding your own favorites!

Each EGG is also packed with a sachet of EGG LOTION.


TENGA EGG Series Lineup
Please take a look and enjoy the variety that TENGA EGGs have to offer. Hopefully this guide has helped you find your next favorite, and will be able to use it as soon as you receive it. No doubt the best way to find out is to try a few for yourself.

Whether it be your first experience with a sex toy or if you’re already a fan of TENGA products, we are sure the Series has something you will enjoy.

They are very affordable, and you can take them anywhere you go. The nice thing besides their price is their convenience. Simply open one up, enjoy, then close and dispose!

Grab yourself a six pack today and enjoy!

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