How to use the TENGA EGG

May 18, 2020

As one of the most popular disposable TENGA products globally, there is a lot of interest in the TENGA EGG series. The TENGA EGG differs a lot in how it looks compared to a lot of sex toys on the market, so “How do I use TENGA EGGs?” effectively is something some customers may not know. First, we’ll introduce you to the series, followed by a How To Use guide.


How to use the TENGA EGG

The TENGA EGG is a series of single use disposable sex toys that are super-stretchable that are one TENGA’s most popular items in our global markets. They can be bought individually or as a “Variety pack” which contain six EGGs from the same series.

There are often inquiries about whether larger men can use this sex toy. The TENGA EGG is made of a super-stretchable material, and can completely cover a 500ml plastic bottle. As such, this sex toy can stretch to fit almost any size. They have been specifically designed to be used by stretching for complete coverage, or limiting stimulation to only the head of the penis.

How to use the TENGA EGG

The TENGA EGG is simple and easy to use. Here’s a brief breakdown of how to use your disposable sex toy.


  1. Remove shrink wrapping of the egg-shaped case.
  2. Remove the enclosed provided EGG LOTION and to the inside of the soft EGG and entry point.
  3. Insert and pull down by the base of the EGG to avoid breakage.
  4. Once finished, place the used item back into the egg-shaped casing and seal again.
  5. Dispose of the EGG.

How to use the TENGA EGG

Please note you should stretch the TENGA EGGs from the base only as manipulating the top can cause the item to prematurely break.

TENGA EGG Series Variety Packs

How to use the TENGA EGG
The TENGA EGG series is widely available in two Variety Packs. The first set is the 6 Colors Variety Pack which features the EGG - WAVY, EGG - CLICKER, EGG - SPIDER, EGG - TWISTER, EGG - STEPPER, and the EGG - SILKY. The EGGs in this pack come supplied with a sachet of regular EGG LOTION.

How to use the TENGA EGG
The Hard Boiled Variety Pack comes with the TENGA EGG - THUNDER, EGG - CRATER, EGG - MISTY, EGG - CLOUDY, EGG - SHINY, and EGG - SURFER. This pack features a HARD GEL LOTION for use with the TENGA EGGs.

How to use the TENGA EGG
There is a third pack available only in America and Asia called the New Standard Variety Pack. This collection features the EGG - WAVY II, EGG - BOXY, EGG - BRUSH, EGG - TORNADO, EGG - SPHERE, and the EGG - SILKY II. Each is also packed with a sachet of EGG LOTION.

Each EGG has different internal details. The silver designs on the exterior are based on the internal textures. With so many variations there is a sensation and experience for everyone.


The best way to summarize the use of the TENGA EGG is to open, use, then close and dispose!

Firstly, remove the shrink wrapping and open the egg-shaped case.
Secondly, apply the lotion provided in the case to the inside of the soft EGG. Make sure to use some around the entry point for a smoother insertion.
Lastly, once you’ve used and had your fun, you can simply dispose of the EGG by encasing it back in the egg-shaped case. Once closed you can throw the product away with little to no mess!

Hopefully this guide helps you to enjoy your TENGA EGG, whether it be your first experience with a sex toy or you’re interested in the variety the TENGA EGG range has.