Cheapest TENGA Sex Toys

Whether you are on a budget, want to try a variety of sensations or are unsure if it's worth buying expensive sex toys, there are plenty of reasons why you might prefer an affordable pleasure product. TENGA has a great selection of affordable products, all with their own unique sensations and styles! 

If you are looking for a new purchase for less than $30 and even as low as $4.50, read on to find out what we can offer you.


Cheap TENGA Disposables

Let’s take a look at our low-cost, disposable products. All of our disposable items are ready to use and easy to dispose of, with options that suit varying budgets! 

TENGA Standard CUP Series

The Standard CUP Series is our game-changing original lineup of function and pleasure! This series features five CUPs starting from $9, with Strong and Gentle versions of each.

Original Vacuum CUP - $9

The iconic hourglass shape, with sensational interior details! The Original Vacuum CUP delivers amazing suction when the air hole is covered.

TENGA Soft Case CUP - $11

Squeeze, release, knead and stroke for various sensations. Customize with your grip, 

and enjoy the flexible stimulation the malleable casing the Soft Case CUP gives you.

TENGA Rolling Head CUP - $11

The spiral body squeezes and bends. Roll, twist, push and pull for a range of dynamic sensations. Take full control of your stimulation with the Rolling Head CUP.

The flexible, spiraling body allows you to enjoy 360° amazing sensations. You control the motion from all angles for a new, unique experience with the Rolling Head CUP.

TENGA Dual Sensation CUP - $13

Enjoy contrasting sensations from the two separate sides of the Dual Sensation CUP. The “Tough Side” sleeve firmly tightens while the “Tender Side” gently stimulates. 

TENGA Air Flow CUP - $11

The airflow structure of the unique spiral-ribbed sleeve allows for a whole new feeling of pushback during insertion. Combined with the vacuum sensation of the air hole for an invigorating suction experience, the Air Flow CUP will blow your mind.


If you buy the TENGA EGG Series individually, they are among our most affordable products. They are made of super-stretchable material and will fit almost any size. If you like one, why not try a Variety Pack of six EGGs for even more options!

Our TENGA EGGs are currently available in four series: 6 Colors, New Standard, Hard-Boiled and Wonder, but can be divided into two distinct strengths.

Standard - $6.50 each

The regular strength of our TENGA EGGs comes in over 12 different types, each with unique internal details!  

Hard-Boiled - $6.50 each

The stronger version of our TENGA EGGs comes in 6 distinct types, offering a stronger stimulation through firmer materials than the Standard EGGs! 

We also have a selection of specific individual EGGs, such as our Keith Haring x TENGA Collection EGGs, EGG LOVERS edition, COOL Edition, and the EGG SHINY Pride Edition, with proceeds going to donations and support of LGBTQ+ non-profits and awareness activities.


Our newest addition to our disposable product series, and our most affordable for those on a budget at $4.50! Designed to be portable pleasure at your leisure, they are easy to use and include a sachet of lotion, so they are ready for you when you need them. The resealable zip package makes disposing of the POCKET TENGA convenient and hygienic.

There are six variations of the POCKET TENGA:


Smooth stimulation from endless waves!


Spherical nubs that ripple and stimulate all over!


Featuring rumbling sensational squares!


Exciting honeycomb ribs of pleasure!


Firm stimulation from a myriad of micro-nubs!


Bursting with beads of stimulating sensation!

Cheap TENGA Reusables

All of our reusable products series offer a wide range of sensations and stimulations. They are also produced to be easy to clean and hygienically dry, ready for use again and again. 


Our most affordable reusables by far would be the TENGA SPINNER Series - each selling for $27! The internal coil provides a twisting sensation as you move the item up and down, and the case doubles as a drying stand for hygienic air drying. 

With an amazing ten variations to choose from, ranging from stronger stimulations to softer materials, and a limited edition COOL variant, you’re sure to find a SPINNER that suits you! Still unsure which one is for you? You can read our blog on how to choose from the SPINNER Series here

Alternative Reusable Products

If you have a little more budget, but still are not willing to pay more than $50, we have four other series that cost $39 each.

Like all of our reusable products, they are designed to not only provide unique, spectacular stimulation when in use, but also be easy to clean so they can be reused multiple times.

TENGA 3D Series - $39 each

TENGA’s first reusable stretchable sleeve product, the TENGA 3D is made of a softer, fully reversible material that, when inverted, transforms the external shapes into the internal details that provide stimulation during use​. It also makes them simple and easy to clean for repeated uses. 

TENGA GEO Series - $39 each

The thick yet soft super stretchable elastomer provides you with spectacular squishy stimulation. The GEO Series is also completely reversible, meaning the external design that looks beautiful when not in use, but delivers amazing sensations when used.

TENGA FLEX Series - $39 each

If you cover the air hole at the top of the TENGA FLEX during use, the FLEX’s flexible spiral-ribbed casing will wind and unwind, creating an amazing spiraling sensation. The removable inner sleeve also allows the product to be easily cleaned and dried.

TENGA crysta Series - $39 each

The TENGA crysta Series is a spectacular fusion of functional form and futuristic design. The floating shapes embedded in the elastomer are not only stunning to look at but due to their contrasting firmer material, they provide exceptional sensations. By adjusting your grip, it is possible to create a variety of sensations for a unique experience every time. 


TENGA is constantly striving to provide products that suit every need, both in terms of stimulation and to suit any budget whether disposable or reusable. 

With products starting from $4.50, why not treat yourself, experience a variety of new sensations, and start masturbating better.

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