Top 5 Disposable TENGA Products

While reusable sex toys are practical for their long-term use, disposable sex toys can also offer some different benefits from those of reusable products. What are these benefits and what are TENGA’s top disposable items? 

We looked at their popularity in terms of sales and have listed them up in order of popularity, so read on to find out which products come out on top. 

(Please note: We are choosing only one product per series for this list)


Benefits of a Disposable Product

TENGA Disposable Products

TENGA offers both disposable and reusable sex toys. While each have their pros and cons, here are some reasons you might want to try a disposable sex toy. Firstly, our disposable items are cheaper in price, meaning that people can try new toys on a budget. Our most expensive disposable products are the TENGA EGG Variety Packs coming in at $39, with our cheapest being the POCKET TENGA at a very affordable $4.50!  

Secondly, disposables are perfect for people who want to discover new stimulations on a budget. You can try a variety of different sensations and styles of pleasure items, all without breaking the bank.

Our disposable items are also designed to be ready to use, with lubrication included. They are all portable, so they can be used whenever you want, as well as being easy to dispose of hygienically for your convenience.

Top 5 TENGA Disposable Products

With the above benefits in mind, let’s get right to the top 5 TENGA disposable products we’d recommend:

  • Original Vacuum CUP
  • PREMIUM TENGA Original Vacuum CUP
  • U.S. Double Hole CUP

  • All of the above items offer a wide range of sensations and stimulations, with unique features and internal details. With so many different experiences on offer, it can be a little difficult to know what to choose. We’ll explain each one in more detail below. 

    Original Vacuum CUP

    Original Vacuum CUP

    Our first entry is from the flagship lineup released way back in 2005. The Original Vacuum CUP, perhaps our most iconic product, still remains one of our bestselling items! In 2020 the entire Standard CUP Series was renewed, including the Original Vacuum CUP. 

    This renewal brought with it an updated design featuring the classic hourglass shape, with improved interior details. With the evolution of our engineering experience and technology, the details are more intricate for enhanced stimulation. Not only is it ready to use, but easy to dispose of after. 



    The TENGA EGG WAVY II comes out as the bestseller from our TENGA EGGs, the evolution of our popular original WAVY. The TENGA EGG WAVY ll features bold, rippling ridges that overlap to bring wave after wave of stimulation! If bought individually, it also works out as one of our cheapest products to try. 

    If you’re a beginner to using sex toys or just want to try an entirely new sensation, the EGG WAVY II (or any of the TENGA EGGs!) are perfect!



    The POCKET TENGA is one of our newest disposable lineups. The POCKET TENGA CRYSTAL MIST, with its delicate yet strong encompassing micronubs of stimulation, has come out as the best selling of the product series since their release. It is perfect for someone looking for a discreet item to travel with you on the go. Once used, the packaging is easy to reseal for simple disposal. 

    PREMIUM TENGA Original Vacuum CUP

    Premium TENGA Original Vacuum CUP

    The luxury version of the aforementioned Original Vacuum CUP, the PREMIUM TENGA Original Vacuum CUP was initially a limited edition item produced to celebrate 10 years of TENGA. Due to popular demand, however, it is now available as part of our regular lineup! If you’ve tried and loved the standard Original Vacuum CUP, the upgraded materials featuring a thicker elastomer sleeve and smooth, silky lotion, along with revamped internal details, will blow you away!

    U.S. Double Hole CUP

    TENGA U.S. Double Hole CUP

    Last, but not least, we have the U.S. Double Hole CUP. This CUP is the perfect item for those who want a CUP that can accommodate a larger size. A two-in-one blend of stimulation, with one side firmly tightening while the other gently stimulates, you can enjoy contrasting sensations. If you need a slightly larger toy for your comfort or want to try a whole different CUP sensation, this U.S. CUPs may be for you.

    Reusable TENGA Product Suggestions

    While disposable products have plenty of benefits, sometimes people would prefer to spend a little extra for a reusable product that lasts longer. We have a variety of items for those looking to make the change to reusable items, once they’ve enjoyed the disposable sex toys listed above. 

    For example, if you’d like to have a product that is similar to a reusable EGG, then the GEO Series, with its soft casing and ultra stretchable material may interest you. The FLEX Series, with its malleable soft-cased sleeve that provides a spinning stimulation, is reusable and easy to clean. 

    If you’d like more suggestions on reusable options, you can read our ‘Top 5 Reusable TENGA Products’ blog here!


    Disposable products can be cheaper, convenient options for those looking to try more sex toys before committing to more expensive reusable options. They also give people a great way to enhance their masturbation sessions with a variety of different sensations. 

    We hope this list has given you a few ideas on our range of disposable items and what you might want to try in the future.

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