Top 5 Reusable TENGA Products

Whether you’re a newcomer to TENGA or are looking for a new sex toy purchase to add to your collection, we have a wide range of items to suit almost anyone, but with so much choice we understand it can be a little overwhelming. A common question we’re asked is ‘What are your best reusable products’? 

So, what are the top reusable TENGA products we’d recommend? We looked at their popularity in terms of sales and have listed them up below, so read more to find out!

(Please note: We are choosing only one product per series for this list)


Top 5 TENGA Reusable Products

TENGA Reusable Products

Let’s get right to the products that top our sales ranking. 

  • TENGA 3D Spiral
  • TENGA FLEX Silky White

  • All of the above items offer a wide range of sensations and stimulations, with unique features and internal details. Each of them is also produced to be easy to clean and hygienically dry, usually with the aid of an integrated component of their packaging. Let’s take a closer look at each one.



    The TENGA SPINNER - 03 SHELL has remained one of the most popular SPINNERs, even with the release of nine additional SPINNERs in the product series! The SPINNER - 03 SHELL specifically features fanned tiles with firm edged internal details for one of the stronger experiences in the series. It seems people love stronger sensations!



    If you’re looking for a discreet sex toy, or are a fan of the TENGA EGGs but wish they were reusable, then the TENGA GEO CORAL is for you. The GEO CORAL not only features complex peaks that look stunning when not in use, but provide elegant, enveloping pleasure when inverted. Much like the EGGs, the GEO is also made from super stretchable material that ensures it should accommodate almost any size.

    TENGA 3D Spiral

    TENGA 3D Spiral

    Our first reusable stretchable sleeve product, the TENGA 3D Spiral features spiral ribs that provide both soft and hard sensations. The TENGA 3D is made of a softer material that, when inverted, transforms the external shapes into the internal details that provide stimulation during use​. Due to its pliable design, it is easy to clean for use again and again.

    TENGA FLEX Silky White

    TENGA FLEX Silky White

    With the TENGA FLEX’s malleable spiral-ribbed soft casing, the user can create a ‘spinning stimulation’ by covering the air hole at the top of the item during use. It also has a removable, invertible sleeve for easy cleaning, and comes with a drying stand built-in to help it dry hygienically.



    The FLIP ZERO makes use of our finest materials yet and the latest technology to provide our most luxurious reusable experience. The flip-open hinge inside the product body allows for a seamless insertion point that enhances usability while making the product simple and easy to clean.

    Other Reusable TENGA Products

    While the products above are our top five suggestions based on popularity, we have plenty of other reusable items to choose from. 

    The AERO Series is one of our newest products that features innovational aero technology to offer customisable suction that can be adjusted to your liking. The crysta Series is another option for those looking for a discreet sex toy with a remarkable design. 

    For those who want to try a variety of pleasure items before committing to a reusable product, it should be noted that we have a wide range of disposable items that offer amazing sensations. If you want to see a top-five list of our recommended disposables, you can read our blog here.


    Our reusable sex toys offer a wide variety of sensations and stimulations, ready to use whenever you want to enhance your masturbation sessions. We hope our list helps in your decision of what reusable product might be right for you.  

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