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Elegant, Enveloping Pleasure

Size (D × W × H inches): 3.43 × 3.43 × 3.39

Insertion Length (inches): Stretches to approx. 6.69

Insertion Width (inches): Stretches to approx. 1.97

Weight (lbs): 0.46

Other Specs: Stretchable Material, Reusable, Sample Lubricant Included


Casing: ABS, PC

Product: Elastomer

Lotion: HOLE LOTION [REAL] (Red) Ingredients:
Water, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Ethanol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, EDTA-2Na, Polysorbate 80, Sorbitan Cocoate, Fragrance

WARNING: California's Proposition 65 (Clear Case)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews

I was a bit unsure at first, but as soon as I slid in, it was HEAVENLY! Best adult toy I've bought by far! I'm a bit worried about it wearing out over time from the semi-frequent flipping inside out, it's pretty darn durable! When it does wear out, I'm grabbing myself another Tenga product for sure! Never before has my dick felt this good. All the little nubs caress you so delicately, and when the head pops into the end, it's something else. Especially interesting when you get a thicker lubricant! I wish I could go back and experience it again for the first time! Thank you, Tenga!


Overall I am satisfied with this product. It looked pretty plain when I unboxed it, but once I stuck my dick in it, I was pleasantly surprised. It feels almost luxurious, like you're fucking a soft pillow or a cream puff. Every square inch of your dick gets stimulated by little soft nubs, and the deeper you go the more intense it feels. Just take it real slow and enjoy the sensations and your balls will be drained dry. Not the best toy for a quick session. Set aside plenty of time.

I wanted to like it.

Pros - Feels surprisingly good, better than expected. First time use was over sooner than I expected. My wife was a little jealous but in all honesty, nowhere near as good as the real thing. Second time was much better after learning to control the pressure. Fairly easy to clean and of course you don't make as much of a mess as using your hand so that's good. The design I give an 8 out of 10.
Cons - Third use and I broke through the bottom(end) of it. Very disappointing. I was not being rough or vigorous at all. Now it's practically worthless as you exit the end so the head stimulation is gone. So I would consider this a disposable, not a reusable product. 2 out of 10 for durability. I'm thinking maybe the Flip might be better suited for me.

Hi there. We are sorry to hear there has been a problem with your TENGA GEO! If you believe you received a defective item, please contact us here:


I had become so used to using my hand that masturbation became the same old, same old. I purchased the Geo Coral for its choice of described sensation and texture. The quality of the material, the lube and stimulation were explosive. The intense stimulation on the head of my penis and the resulting pleasure upon orgasm is incredible. This was almost as intense as having full penetration and orgasm with my wife. I was left with my legs shaking. This is the same experience each time I choose to use the GEO Coral.
The material is so soft and pliable. The texture offers such an pleasurable sensation. The depth is deceiving. It fits perfectly over the head of the penis however it will easily stretch to give you complete coverage. It is so easy to clean and dry while using the stand. And it just looks cool, so I leave it out on the dresser.


I have an extremely high libido so on the nights my wife didn't want sex I would do it the old fashioned way. Unfortunately it was getting to the point where it was taking me forever to cum so I ordered this. The first time I used it I think I had hyped it up in my mind so much that I came incredibly quick. So quick in fact that my wife got a little upset and jealous about it. She said "I guess you have a new best friend!" Anyway, the second time was different and it took me a normal amount of time but not forever like using my hand alone. It does feel really good, changing how hard you squeeze makes a huge difference and because it's somewhat small you can focus on the head for a while and then add in a few deeper strokes by stretching it. I will say it feels 10 times better than your hand but nothing like the real thing. I have to be careful though and not use it too much because I can tell my wife gets a little jealous over it even though I've insured her that it pales in comparison to how she feels. On another note, when I was washing it I noticed it's extremely thin at the very end so I can see blowing it out quite easily. We'll see how many times it will last.