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Pocket Pleasure that Packs a Punch!

The POCKET TENGA is small enough to fit in a pocket or easily in your travel bag for business trips or other excursions!



Simply remove from the pouch, apply the included lotion and you're good to go - it's that simple!

Super-Stretch Material!

TENGA's new slim-stretch material brings you a portable pleasure item that will stretch to fit almost any size.

Easy to Dispose!

The Pocket TENGA has a sealable package that can be used to hygienically dispose of the item after use.

Product Specifications

Size (D × W × H inches): 2.17 × 0.24 × 2.95

Super Stretch material – one size fits all!
Starting Length: 0.31 inches*
Starting Width: 0.2 inches*
*Product stretches to accommodate almost any size.

Weight (lbs): 0.06

Other Specs: Stretchable Material, Disposable, Sample Lubricant Included

Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

This product comes with:

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Want to know more about the Lotion included with this item?
Get the Lotion Facts before you purchase.


Shipping & Packaging

Orders from the USA TENGA Store will ship in a discreet brown box as shown above, with no TENGA branding or logo on the box itself. The return addressee on the packing slip will be shown as "TENGA USA INC."

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The best Tenga product for using your hands. The length and stretchiness allow for a lot of variety

This thing is awesome for the price. The design let's you cover yourself a good way down your shaft and using two hands you can get pretty creative stimulating the shaft and head. You can keep it on yourself and stroke as you pull the end forward which can be a nice light suction like stimulation of the head or use that part with your hand to really stimulate the head while stroking still. Something that I've never been able to get that much out of using just hands and lubricant. You also can use one hand to hold it at the base of your shaft and just pull the end back and forth and get a nice smooth full shaft and head stimulation that has the "hands free" type thing where you don't have the connection feeling your hand doing it. The interior design is really stimulating and good at keeping a seal and staying lubricated even in a shower. The interior design is good for "overstimulating" the head right at the start which can help you last at a more regular pace through a really nice sensation.

Perfect for edging, a lot of the Tenga disposables are great for that but this gave a bit more "control" if you like using your hands opposed to just letting your hips go to get there that way. The material is a bit thinner than an egg and for putting pressure from the outside it's perfect. It has enough stimulators to get you there quick if you're looking for that or to desensitize quick at the start for edging to a bigger pay off. I think the secret to the disposables is that they are a one use thing, as on the nose as that is. You can stretch them, pull them tighter at the sides or end, use tingling lubricant or break the lubricant rules for the material and be a bit rougher without worries. I was surprised at the amount of experimentation this allowed for. Using one hand for the head and another for the shaft this was one of the biggest payoffs I've had with a Tenga product. Don't let the price fool you. If you need something to push you over to free shipping or just want an extra treat this is a great idea.


The specific one I bought really didn't give me any pleasure. I think that Tenga should make product's that have two holes because at least for me the release would be so much more intense.

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