TENGA For Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means for some of us things may be getting a bit romantic, a little sexy... or perhaps we're just looking for a present! Chocolates and roses are the classic go-to gifts, but maybe you can change things up this year, and use this time as an opportunity to try something new in the bedroom.

TENGA has a few ideas for unique Valentine’s Day gifts to make this a night to remember.



The TENGA SVR is one of the few vibrating products from the TENGA brand, bringing vibrating pleasure to intimate moments.

One of our couples’ items, the SVR (Smart Vibe Ring) enhances partnered pleasure, as it is a vibrating motor with a stretchable silicone ring that can be worn around the fingers for added stimulation, or attached to the base of a penis for partnered pleasure.

The SVR can be used to heighten pleasure when together with a partner, featuring 5 vibration strengths and 2 vibration patterns, there will hopefully be a setting that is perfect for you both. Of course, it can also be used solo, as it fits easily in your hand. Use it on yourself to bring trembling thrills to your touch.

Rechargeable, and coming with its own travel case, the TENGA SVR can be used again and again, at home or on holiday, bringing pleasure for a long time to come. Such a gift is for life, not just for Valentine’s.

Don't forget the TENGA SVR one! Simpler to use, with simple ON/OFF controls, a more affordable price, battery-powered, and with a C-shaped ring to attach or remove it in the moment, it can be a nice addition, especially for beginners.


The TENGA EGG is one of our most popular and famous products, with the special edition TENGA EGG LOVERS being perfect for a day like Valentine’s.

The EGG is a super-stretchable item that can fit most sizes. Each one has different internal details that are reflected in the pattern on the shrink wrap. In this case the internal designs of the TENGA EGG LOVERS are all hearts, very fitting for Valentine’s Day!

There are a few features of this EGG which makes it perfect for feeling close to your partner. As the material is soft, it allows the holder to feel their partner directly, and combined with the semi-clear material, it allows everything to be seen. This means that it can heighten pleasure without putting up too many barriers, physically or visually.

Other Sex Toys

Any sex toy can be used as a couple, for more varied foreplay or for alternatives to penetrative sex. Here are a few ideas:

Products with Soft Materials

At TENGA, we have products such as the TENGA 3D Series and the TENGA GEO Series. These are reusable masturbators that are made of stretchable elastomer. Because of this, it is possible to feel a closer connection to your partner thanks to having a more direct feeling when the product is in use.


TENGA’s sister company, iroha, also has a large range of vibrating products. By choosing one that fits your needs, it is possible to explore each other’s bodies by trying different vibration strengths on various erogenous zones.


Valentine’s Day gifts are sometimes hard to choose, but hopefully the list written here has given you some ideas. Of course there are more possibilities, from other sex toys, handcuffs, oils to whips. Just make sure that if you are with a partner, that you are both on the same page with what you want.

We hope you have an exciting Valentine's Day!

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