Why you Should Check Out the TENGA SPINNER 01 TETRA

Do you want to get a new sex toy but you’re not sure which one to get or what might feel good for you? There are so many options these days that finding the right one for you may be a little overwhelming. Let us introduce you to the TENGA SPINNER 01 TETRA and tell you more about this awesome product and why you should give it a try.



One of TENGA’s most globally popular product series, the TENGA SPINNER 01 TETRA is the first of the original three TENGA SPINNERs. The SPINNER Series, including the TETRA, have an internal coil that creates a twisting sensation, providing unbelievable sensations with each stroke. 

Let’s check out the impressive features of the TENGA SPINNER 01 TETRA:

  • Internal details of geometric tiles with mild edges complement the ‘spinning’ sensation the internal coil delivers.
  • Holding near the tip or base of the SPINNER 01 TETRA while stroking maximises the twisting sensation of the product.
  • The SPINNER 01 TETRA can be easily cleaned and reused multiple times.
  • Has a protective case that doubles as a drying stand so you can hygienically dry the product after washing then store away safely for later use.
  • Comes with a sachet of TENGA HOLE LOTION Real for your first use.

With such amazing features that are satisfying to both beginner and regular users of masturbator sleeves, it’s no wonder that the SPINNER is so popular globally! You can read some of our customer reviews on their thoughts about the SPINNERs here

A Quick History of the TENGA SPINNER 01 TETRA

As mentioned above, the TENGA SPINNER 01 TETRA is the first of the original SPINNERs launched. The TETRA offers stimulating geometric tiles with mild edges. On the level system we use for the SPINNER series, the TETRA ranks as follows: Firmness Lv3, Stimulation Lv3, Diameter Lv4.5. This means that it is in the middle of the pack when it comes to firmness and stimulation, and not tight. A good Starter products as it has no extremes. If you want a more in depth explanation,, you can always read our blog on how to choose a TENGA SPINNER that explains these terms. 

The TETRA also came out on top as a fan favorite in three of four different categories we asked users about on our social media - winning in best color, design and name! The TETRA has also consistently been one of our best-selling SPINNERs, even as the series range has expanded.


The TENGA SPINNER Series was originally released in 2018 and was TENGAs first step into creating sex toys with additional features within the elastomer of the toy. The biggest feature, the spiral coil that creates the twisting sensation, was difficult to implement in the beginning. Our development staff went through a lot of trials and errors to find the perfection of the current structure. Eventually, the process was a success and the first three SPINNERS - the TETRA, HEXA and SHELL were launched!

In 2019 the SPINNERs won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Product Design which only solidifies the quality of these stunning products.

In 2020 a whole new set of three SPINNERs were released to complement the current lineup - the New TENGA SPINNERs including the PIXEL, BEADS and BRICK. Each of the new products has unique internal details and sensations.

Finally, our most recent releases for the SPINNER Series are special soft versions of the PIXEL, BEADS and BRICK, as well as a limited edition SPINNER 04 PIXEL COOL that comes with a sachet of our COOL LOTION for a breathtaking experience.

Maybe you’re interested in buying a TENGA SPINNER but are confused with the different styles, colors and sensations? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We have a comprehensive blog listing how to choose a TENGA SPINNER explaining the different levels of firmness, sensation and diameter. 

Maybe you’ve already decided which SPINNER you want to buy but don’t know how to use it? Then our blog on how best to use your SPINNER should answer all your questions!


The TENGA SPINNER 01 TETRA is one of TENGA’s best selling items and now you know why. 

High-quality elastomer, unique internal details, and a sensation like no other provide an amazing user experience. 

Hopefully, this article has convinced you to check out this amazing product, maybe as a gift for yourself or a friend. If you are looking to buy a new sex toy this year, check out our top 10 TENGA products sold in 2021 for ideas on products loved by other customers.

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