TENGA SVR Series Review Roundup

The TENGA SVR (Smart Vibe Ring) Series are vibrating couples items, released back in 2015. The SVR can be used by both men and women, during both solo and partnered play. While TENGA may not be as well known for couples items, the TENGA SVR has been reviewed positively among both professional reviewers and users. The series has even had the honor of receiving a product design award!

We’ve looked at how to use the TENGA SVR before, but here we’ll take a look at what customers have to say about the series. 


A Brief Intro to the TENGA SVR Series

The TENGA SVR is a sex toy designed to enhance the sensations of partnered pleasure, aiming to be a perfect addition to your sex life. Although designed for couple play, the SVR can also be used during solo play due to its powerful vibration. Designed to give a great, comfortable fit, they are also equipped with a long vibrating tip to reach all sizes. The TENGA SVR are sleek yet intensely powerful for their size, offering 5 vibration strengths and 2 pulsating rhythm modes. 

The more recently released TENGA SVR one is made to be easier for first time-users, with a lower price point, simple ON/OFF single button control, and a C-shaped ring to attach it and remove it in the moment.

Made with body-safe silicone, the ring delivers durable stretchiness, being 31mm at rest before being stretched. The TENGA SVR is also waterproof up to 50cm deep in water, meaning it can be used during coupled play while in the bath or shower.

The TENGA SVR also received the Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 - a world-renowned award for being the highest quality in product design.

The TENGA SVR one can be a great entry point to coupled sex toys, as it is more affordable being battery-operated. It is also very simple to use, with a single button to turn it on and off, as well as a C-shaped ring so you can put it on or take it off at any time.

Let’s have a closer look at the customer thoughts on the TENGA SVR Series. 

  • Disclaimer: Reviews included have been edited for clarity.

SVR Series Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews left from customers who bought the TENGA SVR. 

The Best, second to none
I have purchased several high end, pricey devices, but none are as powerful, nicely designed and well-engineered. Don't waste money with other expensive name brands, go for the very BEST, TENGA!
Must have!
Love it! We don't have sex without it. Guaranteed orgasm.
Love it but...
My wife and I love this product, but the vibration levels are much stronger than they need to be. This product would be perfect if the lowest vibration setting was instead the middle of the intensity spectrum.
Neat item
Feels great to use, I can even feel the vibe at the base of my member sometimes... I have used a couple of other (regular) rings before and I can say that I can feel more with this one than with others... The GF likes it a lot too and we have been using it almost every time
Powerful Little Guy!
I was impressed with this little thing! Its power surprised me. Its material was super smooth and soft to touch and it was waterproof as advertised so I could wash it which is super important to me. My partner also enjoyed it (male). Staple item in my bedroom now!

Which TENGA SVR Do I Choose?

As all variations of the TENGA SVR currently available on our USA store have the same internal motor, only differing in color (currently available in Black, White and Carmine), you can rest assured that no matter which one you pick you will get the same pleasurable results. 

You can also choose the TENGA SVR one if you are just beginning your journey in pleasure products for couples. Again they are the same, so just pick the color you like!

All of the TENGA SVR are award winners in terms of design, so we’re confident that if this product interests you, you will be satisfied. If you do buy one and you like it, be sure to leave a review in the future!

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