Looking for a new sex toy to try out this year? Or curious to see what others have been raving about? We recommend you check out the TENGA EGG WAVY II. The TENGA EGG WAVY II is a fan favorite and one of the most recommended TENGA EGGs by staff too. The unique design of the EGG WAVY II and the originality of TENGA EGGs makes the fans go wild. Keep on reading to find out why you should check out the TENGA EGG WAVY II.



Did you know that the TENGA EGG is one of the most well-known TENGA products globally? Plus, the TENGA EGG is also one of our best sellers around the world! Within the TENGA EGGs, the TENGA EGG WAVY II often gets the most attention from our users.

The reasons why people love the TENGA EGG WAVY II so much include:

  • It is easy to use and great for beginners
  • The unique material allows the TENGA EGGs to be super stretchy and are suitable for most sizes
  • Easy to clean up and selected as one of the top 5 TENGA disposable items
  • The compact, egg-like design makes them travel-friendly
  • The newly improved designs based on the EGG WAVY make it feel even better
If you don’t believe in us, take a look at our fans’ reviews about EGG WAVY II.

A Quick History of the EGG WAVY II

After 10 years of the launch of the TENGA EGGs, TENGA decided to celebrate the milestone anniversary with 6 new TENGA EGG releases including the EGG WAVY II which was a revamp of the EGG WAVY from the initial launch.

The EGG WAVY was so popular that it made sense to bring it back, however, we wanted to do more. The EGG WAVY features horizontal waves on the inside, where the EGG WAVY II goes one step further and adds vertical waves too, creating all-round sensations for the users.

The unique sensation from EGG WAVY II made it rank number 8 in our top 10 best sellers in spring and summer of 2021. Due to the popularity of the TENGA EGG WAVY II, it was also adapted into a COOL Edition (no longer produced, but we have the new SNOW CRYSTAL COOL EGG), where the included egg lotion is infused with menthol for a refreshing burst of cooling sensation.

The New Standard - EGG Variety Pack

EGG VARIETY PACK - NEW STANDARD Exterior & Interior Designs

Along with the EGG WAVY II, 5 other TENGA EGGs were released for the 10 year anniversary, which are EGG BOXY, EGG BRUSH, EGG TORNADO, EGG SPHERE, and EGG SILKY II. These 6 TENGA EGGs make up the EGG VARIETY PACK - New Standard. Just like the EGG WAVY II, the New Standard is one of our most popular TENGA EGG VARIETY PACKs.

Let’s take a quick look at the other 5 TENGA EGGs:

EGG BOXY: Just like the name, tiny boxes inside the egg give your surprises as you thrust. Due to straight edges, EGG BOXY could be considered a bit stronger in terms of sensations for some people.

EGG BRUSH: The detailed molding of EGG BRUSH creates tiny brush-like strokes that will send you shivers down your spine.

EGG TORNADO: The EGG TORNADO’s molding recreates the vortex with tiny wedges of different lengths spiraling to the top of the egg.

EGG SPHERE: Inside the EGG SPHERE, there are tiny spheres that stimulate the users from all directions.

EGG SILKY II: Similar to EGG WAVY II, the EGG SILKY II was revamped with more lines in all directions in the molding creating an all-encompassing sensation.


Hopefully, this article has made you interested in the TENGA EGG WAVY II or the TENGA EGGS in general. The TENGA EGGs are one of our globally most popular items and it makes sense why people love them so much, easy to use, super stretchy, amazing sensations and more. Among all the different designs, the EGG WAVY II is the most popular one among our fans, be sure to check it out!

If you are interested in the TENGA EGGs but not sure which one you should get, here is an article dedicated to help you pick the best TENGA EGG for you. Or you are ready to get the EGG WAVY II, but not sure how to use a TENGA EGG, here is a perfect article explaining how to properly use TENGA EGGs.

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