How to Choose From The TENGA EGG Series

As one of the most popular disposable TENGA products globally, there is a lot of interest in theTENGA EGG series. There is also a LOT of variety to be found, from the many different Packs of EGGs (depending on your region), to various limited items such as the EGG Lovers Edition, COOL EDITION, and even collaborations such as the various KEITH HARING x TENGA EGG collection!


With so many EGGs to choose from it can be a little confusing which one might be the ‘best’ choice for you. Hopefully this guide will help you understand the differences a little better and figure out which EGG you want to crack open first!

A Brief Intro To The TENGA EGG

TENGA EGG New Standard

The TENGA EGG is a series of single use disposable sex toys that are super-stretchable that are one of TENGA’s most popular items around the world. They can be bought individually or as a “Variety Pack” which contain six EGGs from the same series.

You can read a little more here on the specifics of how to use the TENGA EGGs once purchased. They’re one of the simplest products to use from our disposable range, making them a great beginners item, as well as a fun treat for yourself.

How Do the EGGs Differ?

When it comes to choosing your TENGA EGGs the interior details make all the difference. Each of the TENGA EGGs feature different interior designs that are made to give the user different sensations. You can get a hint at the detailing from the packaging of the EGG, with the silver patterns showing the design used for the EGG.

TENGA EGG News Standard details

The New Standard EGG Variety Pack takes the designs from the original EGGs, the 6 ColorsSeries, and changes them up a little. Highlighting certain features and changing others to offer a completely different sensation to try.


For those looking for a stronger sensation there is also the Hard Boiled EGG Variety Pack which offers a stronger stimulation along with being packaged with a harder version of the gel LOTION compared to the other packs. These combined mean the Hard Boiled EGG Variety Pack is perfect for those looking for a firmer sensation with their EGG.


If six wasn't enough, there is also the Hard Boiled EGG II Variety Pack which gives an additional six variations to the the Hard Boiled EGG series.

TENGA EGG Wonder details

Further expanding the range of regular strength EGGs is the WONDER EGG Variety Pack, vibrant EGGs in terms of designs, colors, and internal details!

Should I Buy a Single EGG or a Pack?


You can choose to take the chance trying out a single EGG design, maybe mix and match a few from each of the different EGG Variety Packs. This is a pretty cost effective way to save on price and focus on just the designs that look good to you. Or just go all in with one of the packs that looks good to you. That’s why we made them after all, so you can try out a few select EGGs all in one go!

The TENGA EGG Series offers so much variety that it can be a little difficult to decide which you might like. If this is your first time buying one and you’re still not sure whether you’ll enjoy what it has to offer then it’s always a safe bet to buy a single EGG and see how you feel. If you’re feeling more certain (or more adventurous!) then you can treat yourself to a Pack. Crack one open and see what you think!

Still Can’t Choose? Here’s Our Suggestions.

Still not sure what to buy? Here’s a couple of helpful suggestions from us on the TENGA team. If you’re thinking about a single EGG purchase or maybe just a couple of EGGs to give them a shot we’d suggest the EGG Wavy II and for a stronger stimulation the EGG Thunder. Both of these EGGs consistently are among the biggest sellers when it comes to a one off EGG purchase.

If you’re happy to crack open your own carton of EGGs then we’d recommend picking up a New Standard EGG Variety Pack. Once again, this Pack performs well in both sales and in the opinion of EGG fans.

Keep in mind these are only our recommendations though. When it comes to the TENGA EGG series you should trust what you think looks best for what stimulations you enjoy. If you need a guide on how to use your TENGA EGG then check out our helpful guide here. Most importantly of all though, be sure to just enjoy your EGG!

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