How To Choose From The TENGA FLIP Series

The TENGA FLIP Series has not only grown in popularity, it has grown in the number of varieties to choose from. But with the number of FLIP Series items currently available, it can get a bit confusing to find your perfect sex toy. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand the differences a little better and figure out which TENGA FLIP masturbator you should treat yourself to!

As one of the most popular reusable TENGA male masturbators globally, there is a lot of interest in the TENGA FLIP Series. And there is also a lot of variety to be found, from the FLIP ZERO, and its vibrating version, the FLIP ZERO EV, the FLIP HOLE and the FLIP ORB. With so much to choose from, we are sure you will find your perfect match in self or partnered pleasure!


A Brief Intro To The TENGA FLIP

The FLIP Series, top of the line TENGA

The FLIP Series was designed for three main reasons:

1) They flip open for easy lubricating and washing

The FLIP Series pioneered male sex toys in their ease of cleaning. A lot of sex toys before the FLIP Series were hard to clean, took a lot of time to clean or were just challenging to keep hygienic. The FLIP Series solved all that with their innovative flip design.

2) They offer the most intricate internal details of all TENGA products

Every TENGA product has its unique selling point, but each of the FLIP ZERO Series products is designed to have some of the most intricate interior details of all the TENGA male masturbators. This is due to the highest quality elastomer molding technology used by TENGA.

3) TENGA FLIP Series products all offer some variation of stimulation strength among the series

All of the FLIP Series products have a variety of different firmnesses and stimulations within the series. From a more gentle sensation to a firmer, stronger stimulation, you can find the best item for yourself within the FLIP Series. When you combine them with the TENGA Lotions, you can also create a near infinite combination of different sensations to suit your mood!

What’s The Main Differences Between The FLIP Series?


FLIP ZERO a TENGA Flagship item

Each of the FLIP Series products are designed to offer a different experience, with each items within the series offering slightly different sensations thanks to their unique internal designs. To better understand the differences, it’s best to look at the main strengths behind each of the Series items.


TENGA FLIP HOLE - our Pioneer in flip products

The FLIP HOLE Series is the pioneer in male masturbators that can be easily flipped opened for cleaning, which changed the game in terms of hygiene and ease of washing. Many male sex toys before the FLIP HOLE tended to be difficult, annoying or take an inordinate amount of time to clean. The FLIP HOLE, the first of the FLIP Series, although older in design than the other two, addressed this issue by being able to open up for easy cleaning and drying, and also brought a whole new world of sensations into the mix! 

The key feature of the series is the three ‘buttons’ on each unit. These buttons can be pressed while using the device to add additional pressure where the user wants it. The FLIP HOLE is also known as a product that can easily be used with men who experience issues with erectile dysfunction or partial erections. The flip design allows the user to start using the product even before gaining a full erection by closing the product after placing their penis inside, as opposed to first inserting into an already closed item.



The FLIP ORB contains firm, flexible orbs encased in a soft elastomer that shift and ripple as you pass through. The ORBs are designed to flex and move as you insert, creating a layered stimulation for a completely new sensation different from other sensations in the FLIP Series! It is a truly unique self-pleasure item.

Another key feature of the FLIP ORB is that it is the first hourglass-shaped item in the FLIP series, with a cap instead of the slide arms seen in some of the other series. This shape makes the product easier to hold and gives the user a satisfying squeeze mid-way through insertion! 


the FLIP 0 EV a new dimension in stimulation

The TENGA FLIP ZERO continues to be one of the most popular reusable sex toys in the TENGA male masturbation range. Utilizing the finest materials and latest production technology, the FLIP ZERO (or FLIP 0) also features a revolutionizing FLIP-open function that helps keeps the item hygienic for multiple uses. The FLIP ZERO is available in both White and Black versions. The Black version offers a former elastomer materials for firmer sensations than the White, as well as a modified interior design to increase stimulation. The White version allows for a gentler, more enveloping sensation.

It's also important to note the significance of the design of the FLIP 0, pioneering the hinge located at the insertion point of the sleeve (in contrast to the opposite end of the FLIP HOLE), providing three great benefits:

  • Less leakage from lubricants
  • Stronger suction produced
  • A generally better stimulation and sensation

TENGA also has the FLIP ZERO EV (Electronic Vibration) which offers the power of vibration in a male masturbator for an additional level of stimulation. Two separate motors located in different areas, embedded in the elastomer, provide stimulation throughout the shaft. 

Evolution: The FLIP 0 GRAVITY Series

FLIP ZERO Gravity for smooth gliding sensations

The title “GRAVITY” refers to the smoother, effortless-gliding sensation the user feels when using the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY.

While still remarkably stimulating, the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY’s internal details have been designed with a lower elevation level, allowing the user faster and smoother strokes to enter an alternate dimension in pleasure.

The zero-gravity feel of these items has users feeling like they’re effortlessly floating through space. If you’re a fan of the FLIP Series and are looking for a new, lighter, faster sensation, the GRAVITY should peak your interest!

The FLIP ZERO GRAVITY comes in a gentler WHITE version and a more intense BLACK version, much like other FLIP ZERO items.

The most recent addition to the FLIP Series, the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY EV, also comes in BLACK and WHITE, and adds a vibration element to the already sensational FLIP ZERO GRAVITY experience.


FLIP 0 EVR is making new groundbreaking sensations

The FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION (EVR) is an attachment that comes with its own original FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBRATION (EV) item. The FLIP ZERO EVR is the ultimate TENGA item for an innovative and luxurious experience, providing spiraling and spinning sensations along with vibrations.

TENGA has truly created an all-new level of stimulation. Try this amazing item with your self-pleasure and your partnered pleasure sessions.

FLIP EVR attachment for vibration and rotation

Let’s check out the amazing features of the TENGA FLIP ZERO EVR:

  • Easy to control with separate buttons for the Rolling and Vibration functions, with multiple strengths/speeds and patterns
  • Rolling sensations can also be adjusted by tilting the device due to its built-in gyroscopic sensor
  • Provides classic vacuum sensation from the one-way valve that comes with all FLIP ZERO products
  • Compatible with all FLIP ZERO items: to experience both vibration and rotation, please use it with the FLIP ZERO EV Series (using the Slide Arms that come with the EVR), and for rolling sensations only, please try it with the non-vibrating FLIP ZERO Series.

What Kind Of Sensations Does the FLIP Series Offer

Now that you understand a little more about the key features of each of the FLIP Series: their internal details, designs and material firmness. This is where the real decision making comes in.

FLIP HOLE internal features

Each of the FLIP HOLEs also has their own distinctive internal details which can be used to gauge which one might be right for you.

FLIP HOLE can work with even less than erect shafts

The FLIP HOLE and FLIP HOLE Black are made of slightly differing materials, with the internal features of the Black creating a naturally more intense stimulation than that of the FLIP HOLE.

FLIP ORB Internal features

FLIP ORB interal orbs

The FLIP ORB (white) and the FLIP ORB STRONG (black) main differences come from the firm, flexible orbs and surrounding sleeve material. While the FLIP ORB BLUE RUSH and ORANGE CRASH offer the standard stimulation and firmness of a FLIP Series product, the FLIP ORB STRONG BLUE RUSH and STRONG ORANGE CRASH take their firmness to a whole new level with ORBs and a sleeve material designed to give, as the name implies, a stronger stimulation for the user.

It also depends on what stimulation you'd like. The FLIP ORB BLUE RUSH and FLIP ORB STRONG BLUE RUSH have ORBs designed to give a ricocheting feeling as you penetrate. The ORANGE CRASH and STRONG ORANGE CRASH however focus stimulation at the top and bottom of the shaft.

FLIP 0/ FLIP 0 EV Internal features

internal details of the FLIP ZERO

The FLIP ZERO and FLIP ZERO Black both feature TENGA's most intricate internal details yet for amazing stimulation, with the FLIP ZERO being the standard stimulation and once again the black casing of the FLIP ZERO Black providing a stronger, firmer feeling.

dual vibration cores in the FLIP 0 EV bring sensations everywhere

The FLIP ZERO EV and FLIP ZERO EV Black take the FLIP ZERO and the entire FLIP Series to a whole new level with vibrating sensations. Both of these self-pleasure items contain dual vibration cores gives rumbling vibrations from within the sleeve material that brings the user a whole new world of stimulation.


each FLIP has bold internal details

FLIP 0 GRAVITY BLACK Internal Details

The FLIP ZERO GRAVITY WHITE and BLACK maintain the similar sliding sensations, but differ in their internal components. As we mentioned before, the GRAVITY Series provides a faster, smoother gliding stimulation than the other members of the FLIP ZERO family of self-pleasure items. 

Because lovers of the FLIP ZERO BLACK enjoy a firmer elastomer for tighter sensations, the GRAVITY BLACK honors that intense design while still creating a new, zero-gravity sensation.


internal details of FLIP 0 GRAVITY EV WHITE
FLIP 0 GRAVITY EV BLACK internal details

The differences between the GRAVITY EV WHITE and BLACK remain similar to the differences of the other White and Black members of the Series, with the WHITE being gentler and the BLACK being firmer and more intense.

It should be noted that there are two vibration cores added to the internal design of the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY EV. These are what keep users of this product buzzing and wanting more!

FLIP 0 Gravity EV's rhythm patterns

The GRAVITY EV comes with 5 vibration modes and simple one-button controls, combining the simple, rumbling pleasure of the FLIP ZERO EV and the sliding-gliding joy of the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY!

Still can’t choose? Here’s our suggestions

Still not sure what to buy? Here’s what the TENGA team would suggest when choosing a FLIP ZERO male masturbator. For all-around quality in both durability and stimulation, the FLIP ZERO is second to none. It may be one of TENGAs highest end products, but the satisfaction is well worth it. 

Why not try buying a couple of different TENGA LOTIONs and try using both on the FLIP ZERO at the same time for a uniquely personal experience? We’d recommend the TENGA LOTION Light and TENGA LOTION Mild and trying various concentrations of each for an interesting lubrication mix! 

If a stronger stimulation is more your thing then we’d recommend trying out the FLIP ZERO Black. As satisfying as the FLIP ZERO White, but with a stronger edge to it, the FLIP ZERO Black is well worth giving it a try.

If you're interested in the FLIP HOLE Series, this offers the lowest price point to give the FLIP Series a try and with 2 different stimulations. As for the FLIP ORB series, the specific functions of the ORBs give the product a unique sensation as your penis navigates upon insertion. If this sounds interesting, the FLIP ORB might be for you.

If you're looking for a smooth-gliding experience, the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY might be your thing. And if you're really looking for ultimate stimulation, go all the way with the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION!

We simply want you to have an amazing sex life, whether that be for self-pleasure or partnered pleasure.  Sexual wellness has no better pleasure indicator than feeling good about you and your sex life.

Come and try any of the TENGA FLIP Series and see how much better life can be!

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