Which TENGA Should I Use?

With so many adult toys on the market, it can be hard to find the right masturbator for you. If you are interested in using TENGA, this article can guide you to choose which TENGA sex toy is best for you.

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The TENGA range covers everything, from easy to use, gentle adult toys for beginners, to intense products with built-in motors for more advanced users.

TENGA includes masturbators and adult toys for both individual use and partnered use. In addition, TENGA have different types of sex toys, such as:

Disposable items are self-contained, easy to dispose of, and are cheap so you can try many different sensations.Reusable items are more expensive, but can be washed and reused. Many have a special feature, such as internal motors or the ability to spin when in use.

There is also the TENGA SVR, a stretchable cock ring with motor, as one of our couples’ sex toys.


How to know which TENGA you should choose:
Knowing which sex toy from TENGA is best for you can be a difficult question. Here are two main factors that can help you decide on which TENGA you should get.
- Your Budget
- What kind of sensation are you looking for?

How Much Does TENGA Cost?

The price of TENGA items varies, from the lowest price at $3.00 to the top-of-the-line $360.

Lower-Cost Items

These include all disposable items, including the stretchable EGG and variable CUP Series. With their affordable price, they are great for beginners.

The SPINNER series is the cheapest reusable item, at only $23, with a unique twisting motion when used.

Mid-Cost Items

The TENGA 3D is discreet, looking like a work of art, and can stretch for most sizes, while the FLEX twists and squeezes during use.

High-Cost Items

FLIP Series items all open, making them easy to use, clean, and dry, and have pads on the sides to control the pressure. The original was the FLIP HOLE, followed by the FLIP 0, with a new insertion point that prevents lubricant leakage, and finally the FLIP ORB, with harder orbs embedded in the soft elastomer for a unique sensation.


When it comes to electronic items, the FLIP 0 EV has 2 motors embedded inside for more intense stimulation, and the TENGA SVR is a cock ring with a powerful attached motor. Since these are motorized items, their price is also higher than others.

What are the Sensations of TENGA?

TENGA items come with a variety of special sensations and usage methods, for stimulation you cannot find anywhere else.

Strong Suction

The air hole on top of many products allows the user control over the internal vacuum.
Items with this feature are the CUP Series (excluding the TENGA DUAL SENSATION CUP) and the FLEX Series. The AERO Series also allows you to control the internal vacuum with a dial, with 10 levels to choose from.

Spinning/Twisting Motion

The TENGA SPINNER achieves this with a silicone coil in the elastomer, making the item twist upon insertion, and the cover of the TENGA FLEX squeezes and turns during use.

Pressure control

All of the FLIP Series has pads on the sides, to directly control the pressure. The malleable case of the TENGA SOFT CASE CUP has much the same effect.


The FLIP 0 EV has 2 embedded motors in the elastomer, with a button on top to switch modes.
The TENGA SVR also has a strong motor attached to the ring, for intense sensations during coupled use.

The duel vibrators of the FLIP ZERO EV

Other Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to this, what do you recommend for my first sex toy?

- Start with the lowest price EGG and CUP Series, to see if you would find them enjoyable, or the SPINNER 01 TETRA for a gentle introduction to the world of masturbators. Check out our article, 5 TENGA Sex toys that are best for beginners to find what’s best for you.

I’m worried about product sizes, what should I do?

- All items have their insertion depths and widths on the product page. Furthermore, the EGG and 3D series are made of super-stretch materials, to fit a wide range of sizes.

What is the strongest sensation I can get?

- The black variations of our products are made of firmer materials and have bolder internal details for more stimulation. These are found in the FLIP and FLEX series. Stronger sensations are also found in the Hard Boiled EGG Variety pack, SPINNER 03 SHELL and the PREMIUM ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP STRONG .
The item with the most intense sensation would be the FLIP 0 EV Black, with its 2 powerful motors.


Summary: What is the Best TENGA?

As everyone finds pleasure in different ways, there is not one item that is ‘the best’.
TENGA has items for everything, this guide has hopefully shown you what would be best for you, depending on what sensations and budget you are working with, even if it is your first sex toy.

Highly advanced, affordable, couples' sex toys, masturbators, whichever adult toys you might be looking for, TENGA has you covered.

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