TENGA Tries New Things

TENGA is always exploring new methods of providing even more pleasure and unique sensations.
This article will go over all the innovations TENGA has brought to the game.


Easy Cleaning

Reusable masturbators have always had an issue with troublesome cleaning. Luckily, TENGA created a range that takes the hassle out of it.

The FLIP Series does exactly what the name implies: It flips open. Not only does this make it easier to apply lotion to all the nooks and crannies inside, but after use, thorough cleaning is a breeze! With the included drying stand, air drying the product is also quick and hygienic.

Spinning is Winning

TENGA likes to innovate, creating new sensations that are unavailable to hand alone. One of these is the feeling of spinning.

Inserting into the SPINNER makes the item twist, this is possible because of the harder material of the internal coil in the soft elastomer. Twisting sensations without any electronics or moving parts is truly and advancement in sex toy technology!

Vibrating with Pleasure

The FLIP 0 is one of the most advanced products TENGA has made, so what could be done to improve it? One word: motors.

The unique point of the FLIP 0 EV Series is that there are 2 motors embedded in the elastomer; one half-way up and the other at the top, to provide vibrations all along the length. Being embedded in the elastomer also means the vibrations more directly affect the user. While other products have the vibrating unit on the outside or on top of the item, TENGA’s innovation was molding it inside of the elastomer.


The classic shape of a reusable masturbator is a soft inner sleeve with a harder outer case to protect it. TENGA has added a unique twist to this formula though.

By covering the air hole on top of the FLEX after insertion, you can create a strong suction sensation. This, coupled with the flexible, ridged casing means that the product produces a constricting sensation when in use.

Pleasure as Art

Most people’s idea of male sex toys is of disembodied body parts, to be hidden away and seen by no one. But what if they could be art, proudly displayed in the open? That is just what TENGA aims to do.

The TENGA 3D Series

The TENGA 3D looks like an objet d’art, but what you may not know is that by inverting the item, those designs become stimulating internal details. Every part of the item is used for dual roles. The stand is used to dry the item as well as display it standing up. The clear case protects the item from dust, as well as makes it look like a display case.

The TENGA crysta Series

One of TENGA’s newest items, made possible by the latest innovations in manufacturing methods. Floating parts are encased in clear, soft elastomer. Not only does it make the crysta look like an executive paper weight, but by changing the grip, the floating parts create amazing sensations. You can read about the various merits of the crysta over at Oh Joy Sex Toy here!

Out-of-This-World Optional Items

TENGA has also made several optional items that are used with other products to make the experience even better.

The TENGA Vacuum Controller was the first, by fitting it on top of any variations of the Original Vacuum CUP, you can create an amazing suction sensation with the push of a button!

Currently only in Japan is the TENGA GYRO ROLLER, capable of creating stimulation without you even moving your hand. By using the specially designed CUPs, the pleasure comes from the spinning motion of the item.

Although not available in the US, please let us know on our twitter if you would like to see this have a global launch!      


TENGA always looks to improve the masturbation experience. From making cleanup easier, providing new sensations (such as twisting and spiraling), improving great products with added vibration, or by making sex toys works of art, TENGA will push the limits of what masturbators are.

So what will come next? Keep an eye out, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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