Zeroing in on the Possibilities of Pleasure

Using our finest materials yet and the latest technology, TENGA is proud to present the latest in Male Pleasure Technology, the FLIP ZERO.

TENGA has taken its unique FLIP Series to new heights of pleasure.

A seamless insertion point provides the perfect seal for no lubricant leakage and a strong vacuum made possible by a one-way valve.

The FLIP 0 (ZERO) features our most intricate internal details yet for great sensation, and our pioneering FLIP-open function keeps the item hygienic for multiple uses.

Bracingly Powerful Sensations

The TENGA FLIP 0 (ZERO) Series, popular for their revolutionary flip-open design, are now joined by a new structural concept in the FLIP 0 GRAVITY Series.

The new design of the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY Black provides great stimulation with less elevation to allow easier and faster movement for intense sensation with its firm, internal details.

Experience faster and smoother gliding strokes with the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY!

For the electronic vibrating FLIP ZERO GRAVITY EV Black, click here.

DYNAMIC GEAR: Repeating edges send strong sensations from both sides.

LAYERED MESH ORB: A strong, bounding orb awaits at the end, with a fine mesh of edges for a rush of sensations.

PARALLEL GEARS: Multiple gear-like edges sandwich you from above and below for a strong, constricting stimulation.

QUAD TOWER & IMPACT EDGE: Four pillars hold you in place, as the circular dome on the opposing end delivers intense pleasure.


Pressure Pads
Easy to handle pads that allow you to change the pressure with your grip.

Insertion Point Designed for Exceptional Usability

The "integrated pivot" houses the flip-open hinge inside the product body allowing for a seamless insertion point that improves usability while still keeping the product easy to clean. Now you can enjoy the sensation from entry, without worrying about lubricant leakage.

FLIP Style
The item flips open for easy washing, and allows the moulding of intricate internal details.

Product Specifications

Size (D × W × H inches): 3 × 3.6 × 8.3

Insertion Length Approx. (inches): 6.3

Insertion Width Approx. (inches): 1.9

Weight (lbs): 1.6

Other Specs: Reusable, Sample Lubricant Included

Case & Slide Cap: PC
Internal Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Pressure Pad & Transport Anchor Ring: Silicone
User Manual Holder: GPPS

This product comes with:



Want to know more about the Lotion included with this item?
Get the Lotion Facts before you purchase.

WARNING: California's Proposition 65


Shipping & Packaging

Orders from the USA TENGA Store will ship in a discreet brown box as shown above, with no TENGA branding or logo on the box itself. The return addressee on the packing slip will be shown as "TENGA USA INC."

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Amazing orgasms

I am not a fan of the Tenga lube that comes with the toy, but when I use my own lube the easy glide and suction are mind-blowing. I cum so hard using this. I highly recommend it!!!

Does the job well

Works really well. Worth the price.

Schmeat too Schmall

I dropped 87 bands on this bih and It feels worse than the 3D spiral. That being said, if you have a bigger dick, it probably feels fine. I have a 5" length by 5" circumference and it is just not enough to engage the sides or end section. And with the hard case preventing me from death-gripping my puny cock like I normally have to do to feel anything, it just feels incredibly mid. Tenga please send me another of the 3D series on the house, I'm a return customer, pity me!


It feels really good especially when you squeeze the air out of it

Not worth the money!

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity - Black

I bought mine form a third party site and got a defective unit. While cleaning it after my first use, I notice that the toy already had two major tears. These tears would lead to accelerated bacteria/mold growth because they would trap water and be harder to clean/dry. The sellers took note of my concerns and sent me another unit free of charge. I also notice air bubbles in the toy.

Tenga advertise the insertion width of this product at about 1.9 inches. I'm 1.75 inches and can tell you that this is clearly a lie. At 1.75 inches the product struggle to stay together during use. The side arms help keep it together somewhat, but the top doesn't stay shut. This cause most of the lube to escape at through top and eventually seep out. This toy already requires a lot of lube, but having most of your lube keep seeping out through the top is annoying. You'll have to constantly re-lube just to use it comfortably.

At 1.75 inches the texture doesn't all that great. It's hard to feel and real distinction between the different types of textures. The Multi-Mesh Orb at the end allow takes up a lot of space. You have to really push down with a little extra force to use it. This make the end of the toy so much tighter then the rest. At that point you don't even feel the mesh ball's texture or the gear texture on the other side. Forcefully pushing your penis through this section of the toy also cause the sides to expend a lot. This leads to the a wider opening at the top and have more lube seep out.

The top gap opening also cause issue with the suction mechanic. You're suppose to be able to control the suction by squeezing the sides but this doesn't work very well if your too girthy. Most of the air escape at the top causing a vacuum involuntarily, especially if you inserted up to the orb and cause a wider gap at the top, If you don't want to cause a vacuum you'll have to stop yourself from inserting too deep.

In the end the advertise width is just wrong and the toy waste a lot of lube because it can't stay together. The end orb taking up so much space exacerbate the problem causing more lube and air to leak. After several strokes there's little lube and a lot of friction.
I want to buy a Spinner but feel like I'll just be disappointed again and don;t trust the advertised width.

Hi there. We are sorry to hear there has been a problem with your FLIP 0 Gravity Black! If you believe you received a defective item, please contact us here: https://www.tenga.co/contact/

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