Zeroing in on the Possibilities of Pleasure

Using our finest materials yet and the latest technology, TENGA is proud to present the latest in Male Pleasure Technology, the FLIP ZERO.

TENGA has taken its unique FLIP Series to new heights of pleasure.

A seamless insertion point provides the perfect seal for no lubricant leakage and a strong vacuum made possible by a one-way valve.

The FLIP 0 (ZERO) features our most intricate internal details yet for great sensation, and our pioneering FLIP-open function keeps the item hygienic for multiple uses.

Luxuriously Soft Sensations

The TENGA FLIP 0 (ZERO) Series, popular for their revolutionary flip-open design, are now joined by a new structural concept in the FLIP 0 GRAVITY Series.

The new design of the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY White provides great stimulation with less elevation to allow easier and faster movement for delectable sensation with its soft, internal details.

Experience faster and smoother gliding strokes with the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY!

For the electronic vibrating FLIP ZERO GRAVITY EV White, click here.

GIANT GEAR: Large, soft, massive ribs enticingly grip you from either side.

RIBBED-END ORB: Multiple steps of fine ribs to stimulate you at the deepest point.

BINARY WAVE GATE: Double-gated mid-point of ribs that deliver rippling stimulation as you move in and out.

SIDE DOMES & FLICKERING EDGES: Two large domes hold you in place, as the opposing side sends flickers of stimulation.


Pressure Pads
Easy to handle pads that allow you to change the pressure with your grip.

Insertion Point Designed for Exceptional Usability

The "integrated pivot" houses the flip-open hinge inside the product body allowing for a seamless insertion point that improves usability while still keeping the product easy to clean. Now you can enjoy the sensation from entry, without worrying about lubricant leakage.

FLIP Style
The item flips open for easy washing, and allows the moulding of intricate internal details.

Product Specifications

Size (D × W × H inches): 3 × 3.6 × 8.3

Insertion Length Approx. (inches): 6.3

Insertion Width Approx. (inches): 1.9

Weight (lbs): 1.6

Other Specs: Reusable, Sample Lubricant Included

Case & Slide Cap: PC
Internal Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Pressure Pad & Transport Anchor Ring: Silicone
User Manual Holder: GPPS

This product comes with:



Want to know more about the Lotion included with this item?
Get the Lotion Facts before you purchase.

WARNING: California's Proposition 65


Shipping & Packaging

Orders from the USA TENGA Store will ship in a discreet brown box as shown above, with no TENGA branding or logo on the box itself. The return addressee on the packing slip will be shown as "TENGA USA INC."

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Disappointing and Design Flaw

There is a design flaw that causes this device to make a lot of noise and leak out from the top.

There is almost nothing holding the two sides closed tightly at the top. This mean when pulling, air gets sucked in making a loud wet fart sound. When pushing, it will expells any air and liquid out. Even with the central clamp piece, it's a mess to clean up. Even if it didn't leak, there's a lot of grooves/pockets so you need to make sure to clean it well.

The feeling is also not great. Even with a ton of lude, personally, it was more irritating than pleasurable. The combination of requiring a ton of lube and a very leaky device is not fun.

It's also pretty heavy so if after a long session I actually felt a bit bruised around the base. Having to consider the weight is minor but still just another annoyance which compounds with the other issues.

I tried using it three times, both with the recommended lubes and others, but I probably won't use it again. It's not worth the hassle.

As a note, the mail packaging is discreet but does clearly say it's from TENGA. Since TENGA is a relatively well known brand, the people you live with might instantly know what's in the box. You will also get email notifications about the product and your credit card will be charged towards "TENGA".

One suggestion for future design is to label a "top" and "bottom". The two slides are not symmetrical but there's no way to tell which side is which from the outside.

Not as good as regular Flip Zero White

The inner textures aren't as pronounced and the product tends to leak lube from the top. It's not a bad product, but if you're trying to pick between this and the regular Flip Zero, go with the original design.

leaks lube

Was excited to try this new version. Unfortunately it leaks lube from the top & gets all over your hands. This happened on first use of product. Not sure if I received a defective product or if this happens with every one.

Hi there.
Thank you for the review, we have received your defective inquiry and it seems like my colleague has responded. Please make sure to check your junk/spam folder for our emails, as there's a chance they can end up there. In addition, please make sure to whitelist our emails [@tenga.co.jp] so we can attend to your inquiry smoothly.
Thank you very much.


This is the first male toy I've ever used, and I have to say I was impressed with how well it met my expectations. I really appreciate how easy it is to clean, the suction feels great, and the feeling of the material and textures are simply amazing. Seriously, I couldn't resist fingering it while I was cleaning up, it feels SO realistic!

That being said, there are some FYIs / caveats:
- There are two hard plastic clasps, towards the end of the hinged assembly, which hold things together until the slide is in place. They seem rather fragile, and one is already less grippy than the other—I'm anticipating that this will be a likely source of failure in the future
- You have to be careful to make sure the slide is positioned correctly and the whole thing is "on track" while sliding it in place. Otherwise, the whole thing will open under pressure in a lube-y mess
- At first I felt deceived that the slide would serve as a drying pedestal—if you just place the hinged assembly on it, it's likely the arms will just open a little wider, sliding down, looking nothing like you remembered from the drying picture or the included instructions. The trick is that the arms of the slide are designed to fit into slots just **inside** the rails on the hinged assembly, and then it works perfectly
- I am (perhaps unreasonably) suspicious of the slide's durability, and already wish there was an option to upgrade it to a premium stainless steel (or other metal) version that would promise unbreakable integrity
- It requires a LOT of lube--the two sample packets included are fine, but you're not going to be able to mimic the instructional images without using both of them (I had to spread out what one packet had by hand to ensure adequate coverage)

Unbelievable Sensation

Great feel and suction.

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