TENGA EGG Series Review Roundup

As one of the most popular disposable TENGA products globally, a lot of people use the TENGA EGG series as an introduction to sex toys, a gift for friends, or even as an easy-to-use treat for themselves. We’ve already previously written about how to use and how to choose your TENGA EGG, but here we’re going to check out the reviews. How do the EGG Variety Packs stack up, and which individual EGG comes out as the pick of the bunch?


A Brief Intro to the TENGA EGG

The TENGA EGGs are single-use disposable sex toys that are super-stretchable and are one of TENGA’s most popular items around the world. The EGGs can be bought individually or as a “Variety Pack”, each of which contains six EGGs.

After you’ve read through some of the reviews below, we’d recommend checking here for our suggestions on how to choose your EGG and then here for the specifics of how to use the TENGA EGGs once purchased! They’re one of the easiest products to use from the TENGA disposable range, making them a great entry-level sex toy, as well as a fun gift for yourself.

Different EGG Variety Pack Reviews

As mentioned above, the EGG Variety Packs are three different sets containing six individual EGGs; the New Standard, Hard Boiled, and Wonder Variety packs. As the name suggests, all of them make for convenient collections of a variety of EGGs. 

Disclaimer: Reviews included have been edited for clarity.

EGG Variety Pack - New Standard

The EGG Variety Pack - New Standard contains a selection of the following EGGs - WAVY II, BOXYBRUSH, TORNADO, SPHERE, and the SILKY II. Based on the reviews, 59% of people give the Pack a 5-star rating. Here are just a few excerpts of what previous buyers had to say.

Honestly the best

I was sceptical, most of these toys are novelties at best. A friend of mine suggested I try the TENGA egg and am I glad I did. The first try and I lasted only minutes. If I have any complaints it’s that they aren’t easier to get. Do it!!

Better than expected

Pleasantly surprised with my TENGA 6 pack. Bought these for long trips away from home. Did not wait for travel I cracked one open and am super pleased with the feel...

Love the product!

My fiancé and I use them often and love the sensations.

Not the real thing, but not too far off

I’ve struggled with death grip and sensitivity issues, leading to issues during actual sex. It’s a vicious cycle. So I thought maybe these can help by having something gentler than my calloused hands... my favorite so far is spheres using a twisting motion, really rocked my world...

EGG Variety Pack - Wonder

The EGG Variety Pack - Wonder contains a selection of the following EGGs - WIND, STUD, MESH, TUBE, CURL, and RING. As it is the newest pack, reviews, 40% of people give the Pack a 5-star rating. Here are some of the comments customers have made about this Pack.


I like the simplicity of these eggs. Comes with a great lube and inconspicuous. I will be buying these again.

When you're home alone...

These TENGA eggs are THE BEST!! Easy to use and capable of providing you with some great self-pleasuring time - lots of it. You won't be sorry!

Cheap and Pleasurable

I picked this up at a sex show when I felt like I needed to bring something home from my adventures. I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and packaging. It also makes clean up extremely easy by catching whatever may come. It easily fits in a pocket and makes any encounter with or without a partner a new and tantalizing experience. I highly recommend this product.

Best Feeling EGG 100%

This one [EGG TUBE] is phenomenal, it's very well textured and the patterns inside are very big making the experience fell amazing 10/10.

EGG Variety Pack - Hard Boiled 

The EGG Variety Pack - Hard Boiled contains a selection of the following EGGs - THUNDER, CRATER, MISTY, CLOUDY, SHINY, and the SURFER. Based on the reviews, 68% of people give the Pack a 5-star rating. Here are the thoughts from the people who purchased this pack.

These Little Joyful Eggs

Fast response, discrete packaging, and a wonderful product that has enhanced my wellbeing. Highly recommended. Just a little better sensation with the hard boiled variety.

As expected

These are as expected, good quality we expect from TENGA


The egg is amazing. Very soft, easy to hide... I have to try the others.

Quality product

Excellent. Very unique and effective.

Most Popular Single EGG Reviews

When you buy a six pack variety item of anything, chances are there will be favorites that emerge. The EGG Variety Packs are no different, with single EGGs coming out on top as ideal picks to be bought individually. Here are the best of the best single EGGs from each collection according to customer reviews.

EGG Wavy II 


From the EGG Variety Pack - New Standard, the Wavy II ranks above the rest to the majority of buyers with a 67% 5 star rating! Here are a couple of comments about this particular EGG.

Egg wavy ||

My boyfriend loves it and now he can’t stop using it.

Great as always.

After not using a Tenga product for a couple years, it’s good to see the quality has stayed consistent and can be trusted to maintain a level of excellence. Thank you!

EGG Stud

The Wonder EGG Variety Pack may be the newest selection to the EGG Series, but they are already gaining fans! In fact, the STUD has a 100% 5 star rating from users. This is backed up by these following reviews from customers.

The best EGG I've tried.

I keep coming back to try egg after egg. To date I've tried 9 different types and this is my favorite one. The studs press every part of my penis and delivers an equally amazing sensation to every inch of my penis. No other egg manages to do this. This egg really does feel like the best of everything. There isn't a person I wouldn't recommend this to. No gimmicky pattern, just optimal design.


Great feel and easy to use.

EGG Thunder


If you're not a fan of the EGG STUD don't worry, the EGG Thunder takes the top spot among the EGG Variety Pack - Hard Boiled Pack. When it comes to the stronger sensations, this particular pick gets an amazing 83% 5 star rating from users. The comments in the reviews back this stunning score.

Sharp as lightning and as thrilling.

The pattern resembles a bolt of lightning... definitely keeps you excited and ENGAGED, which causes a toe curling ogasm. This egg is definitely in the hard class, so be forewarned.

Comfort at last

Thunder has a wicked edge that like the natures thunder will awaken many of your senses; looking for firm sensations this product should be on your short list.

Which EGG Should I Choose?

Even with all those reviews and our handy guide on how to choose an EGG here, the choice can still be a little overwhelming. To reiterate our suggestions on what to choose, if you’re considering purchasing a single EGG purchase then we’d suggest the EGG Wavy II and for a firmer sensation the EGG Thunder. As you can see from the reviews here, our suggestions are definitely backed up by the buyers.

As for a pack of EGGs, we’d recommend choosing the New Standard EGG Variety Pack. This Pack ranks well in both sales and EGG fans seem to recommend it too. Just remember that when it comes to the TENGA EGG Series you should trust your own thoughts on what stimulations you think you’ll enjoy most. There are always other EGGs to try, so just have fun and try them all until you find one that you love.

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