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TENGA sells its products all over the globe, most renown for sex toys (masturbators especially) TENGA also has a wide variety of different items. This article will go through some things you might not see in the US.

Although the most popular series are generally available globally, if you look in different countries, you might find products you have never seen before. Why is this, and what are the products? Read on to find out.


    Why the Differences?

    TENGA is a global company, so why are not all items available everywhere? It is quite a complicated situation, but there are a few main reasons.

    Demand: Some parts of the world are looking for very specific products, while others have an overabundance of similar sex toys. We try to provide to places that need them most.

    Legal: Each country has different rules for what can be imported and sold, which can limit what we offer. Gaining patents and clearance (such as from the FDA) can also take a long time, delaying new releases.

    Novelty: We do a lot of small batch test marketing in our domestic market (Japan) and often these products aren't for sale, just novelties for specific promotions.

    Exclusive goods: Sometimes products are exclusive to the Japanese TENGA Stores, both online and offline.


    TENGA Sex Toys

    So which unknown TENGA pleasure items are out there?


    Similar to the Original Vacuum CUP in shape, this series is reusable, with an internal elastomer sleeve that can be removed and washed. Various different series have been made of this product.


    The original series has 3 different strengths: Gentle, Regular, and Strong, as well as ULTRA for those needing a larger size.


    These are compatible with the Vacuum Controller, popular due to its strong, electronic suction power. There are 2 size variations: Regular and Ultra.

    AIR-TECH Twist

    These two, the Tickle and Ripple, have different internal details. The main point is that you can adjust the internal tightness of them by turning the top.

    AIR-TECH Squeeze

    With a new, easier to hold shape, the Squeeze has a malleable case so sensations can be simply controlled with your grip. The three strengths are Gentle, Regular, and Strong.


    This Asia exclusive item is part of the FLIP Series. They flip open from the side for easy cleaning, and are lighter than the original FLIP HOLE Series due to the mix of foam and elastomer inside. The FLIP-AIR has an air-release feature to control the internal pressure, and comes in 2 strengths, Melty White (gentle) and Solid Black (strong). There is also the FLIP-AIR Lite, for an even lighter, tighter experience.

    Pocket TENGA

    This is something that easily fits in your pocket. The packet contains the super-stretch product and lotion, that can be easily thrown away in the packet after use! The three different Pocket TENGAs are Wave Line, Click Ball, and Block Edge.


    Only available in parts of Asia, this attachment automatically spins any compatible CUP you put inside with a gyroscopic motion sensor that lets you control the speed of the spinning sensation. There is also a range of CUPs specially designed for spinning pleasure.

    Lovely Liquids

    For internal and external use, be sure to not mix them up! .

    Night Charge

    The TENGA Night Charge is an energy drink sold in Japan that is designed to make nights out more exciting. The blend of ingredients not only gives you a boost of energy, but helps your liver get ready for a wild night out.

    Play Gel

    While the HOLE LOTION is used for TENGA products, this water-based lotion is meant to be used for coupled play. There are 3 viscosities of lotion to choose from, depending on preference.

    Random Fun Stuff

    Here we have the products that do not fit in the other categories.

    TENGA Condom

    In parts of Asia, TENGA has released this series of condoms for safe partnered use. Packaged inside a protective can the TENGA Condoms are wrapped in cute, fun, badge-like designs!

    Apparel Items

    Different parts of the world have various selections of TENGA apparel, but the full range is available in Japan, of T-shirts, caps, bags, underwear, jackets, hoodies, jewelry and more!


    At first glance it appears to be an Original Vacuum CUP, but it can transform into your little ROBO buddy, there to offer support and encouragement! Since then, TENGA has collaborated with famous manga artist Go Nagai (known for works such as Devilman). The 2 collaborations were with Mazinger Z and Getter Robo. Perfect for those who love collecting things.


    Some of you may have heard of this, it is a steel attachment for the Original Vacuum CUP, to combine exercise and pleasure. Complete with a workout routine, this item launched exclusively in Japan, but has since been launched in other parts of Asia. It is only available in limited quantities.


    Our most popular items are available in most parts of the world, but some of the more niche or specific items might be limited to certain areas.

    But fear not! As patents come through and we grow as a company, more and more will be available worldwide. If there have been any products you saw here that you want right now, be sure to let us know on our Twitter!

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