How to use the TENGA SVR

The TENGA SVR is one of the vibrating products produced by TENGA. This vibrator is interesting as it can be used by anyone, both men and women, and during solo and partner play. This sex toy is amazingly flexible in how it can be used. Here’s a brief introduction to the SVR series, the larger SVR+, and the SVR one, and how they can be used. Keep reading to learn how to use the TENGA SVR. 



The TENGA SVR (Smart Vibe Ring) is a sex toy designed to enhance the sensations of partnered pleasure, for the ultimate addition to your sex life. Although designed for couple play, the SVR can also be used solo if preferred. The SVR however offers many features for being used as a couple's sex toy during sex and foreplay.

Specially designed for a natural and comfortable fit, the Smart Vibe Ring from TENGA is elegant yet extremely powerful for its size. Made with body safe silicone, it has a durable stretchiness with the ring being 31mm at rest before being stretched. The SVR can also be used up to 50cm deep in water, meaning it can be used during coupled play in the bath or shower.

The SVR one is a new addition with a C-shaped ring so you can attach and remove it in the moment.

The TENGA SVR also received the Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017, meaning that you can feel safe and assured that the product is designed to be long lasting, safe, durable and satisfy the desires of the user.

Here’s a quick look at the different SVRs available, the SVR one, as well as the larger SVR+.


The main TENGA SVR series is available in three different colors. This is mainly an aesthetic choice for the user.

The original TENGA SVR weighs only 25g, meaning that when it is used as a vibe ring it doesn’t put too much pressure on the user. The original TENGA SVR is packaged with an easily portable case, as well as a USB charger and user manual. With a simple press of the button the SVR will cycle with a single press through 5 different vibration strengths as well as 2 different vibration patterns.

The TENGA SVR+ is slightly larger at 97mm and weighs 34g, yet still perfectly compact and lightweight. The  TENGA SVR+ is 1.5x more powerful than the original SVR Series, so the users can enjoy even stronger sensations for partnered play. The SVR+ also features a third vibration pattern, offering another extra level of stimulation. This product is currently not available in the US.

The TENGA SVR one is battery operated, and therefore comes at a lower price point. It is also simple to use with simple ON/OFF controls, and a C-shaped ring to attach and remove at any time.

How to use the TENGA SVR

The SVR is very simple and easy to use as well as featuring an easy to clean design. Here’s a brief breakdown of how to use your SVR sex toy.


  1. Remove the SVR from the case.
  2. Hold down the button for 4~5 seconds to ensure device turns on (please ensure the device is charged)
  3. Different vibration patterns can be accessed with a single button press and can be cycled through like this
  4. The SVR can be used either on the users fingers or by wearing on the penis 

Once used, the product can be easily and quickly washed and dried for later use.

*The SVR one only has a single vibration pattern.


  1. Once the SVR has been used, wash under running lukewarm water and use mild/neutral soap for extra cleaning.
  2. Dry the SVR with a dry, clean cloth, place back in the casing and keep in a dry, cool place for later use.


Hopefully this guide helps you to enjoy your TENGA SVR and learn how to use and clean your new reusable vibrating masturbator. This toy, while being suitable for solo play, is perfect for adding that extra excitement to partnered play. 

The SVR one can be a suitable version for beginners to the series and coupled sex toys in general.

Such a versatile product will surely be a welcome addition to any sex toy collection, just choose your favorite color!

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