TENGA SPINNER Series Review Roundup

One of TENGA’s newer reusable product offerings, the TENGA SPINNER series is already gaining popularity with brand fans and new sex toy users alike. Since the product series recently added another three items to the line, there has been a renewed interest in the products. Since more people are looking at what to buy, we’re here to look at some of the reviews these products, older and newer, have received. Be sure to check out our how to choose and how to use your TENGA SPINNER blogs after reading some of the comments previous buyers have made.


A Brief Intro to the TENGA SPINNER Series

Back in 2018, TENGA released the original three SPINNERs, the TETRA, the HEXA and the SHELL. Each of the TENGA SPINNERs contains an internal coil that makes the SPINNER twist as you insert, sending incredible stimulation with each stroke. These initial three proved so popular, that in 2020 another three SPINNERs were added to the series; the PIXEL, BEADS, and the BRICK. In 2019 it’s worth noting that the original series also received a Red Dot Design Award in product design.

But what do those rankings actually mean? Let’s have a quick reminder.

A Brief Reminder Of SPINNER Series Graphs


All SPINNER Series products have a variety of different stimulation rankings within their series based on three factors; Firmness, Stimulation and Diameter. Whether you like your SPINNER to have a good mix of Firmness and Stimulation, or require more Diameter from your sex toy, at least one of the SPINNERs is guaranteed to satisfy.

For more detailed information on what these rankings mean and how they apply to the SPINNER series, check out our how to choose blog here.

・Disclaimer: Reviews included have been edited for clarity.

Different SPINNER Series Reviews

As mentioned, the SPINNER series started out with three products with an additional three being added in 2020. Since they were released in sets of three, it’s only fair to check which SPINNER comes out number one from each set, starting with the original trio. 

Original SPINNERs - Winner: 03 SHELL


Despite the TETRA being the official poster child of the original SPINNERs and ranking consistently highest in recent SNS polls, it’s the SHELL that comes out on top in online reviews. Based on the reviews, 66% of people give this original SPINNER a 5-star rating. Here are just a few comments previous buyers made.

Simply amazing
What is really amazing about these products, besides the way they feel, is the attention to detail put into creating them. The packaging allows for ready and easy storage. It gives you a place to prepare your item for use as well as a place to set it to dry after cleaning. TENGA hasn't just made a fun and effective product they thought through the entire process from start to finish and it shows on their product design. I can't wait to collect them all.

Great devices
One of the best adult toys on the market well made and innovative designs that are appealing to the eye and discreet.

Best toy I ever bought
I own several male masturbaters and the SPINNER is hands down the best feeling ever. I love the twisting motion, snugness. 1st time I used it got off real quick. Have since learned with this toy it's great for edging also. Easy to clean. I highly recommend buying this product!

Honestly this one is some thing special, only using this brand from now on.

New SPINNERs - Winner: 05 BEADS


When it comes to the New SPINNER Series, from between the PIXEL, BEADS, and the BRICK, it seems BEADS has pleased more people into leaving a stunning review. Based on the reviews, 67% of people give this New SPINNER a 5-star rating. Here are some reviews customers left.

one of the most stimulating spinners
love the SPINNERs in general- this one definitely has a snugger fit and the larger beads are great. The smaller chamber at the tip is also a great design.

does the trick
these are my favorite devices for pleasure. excellent results

Great for solo time and have your woman use it on you. It’s easier on her hand then straight hand job and you have a better hand job...

Another great product
Once again a quality product constructed to provide new tactile sensations.


If you’re still not entirely sure from the customer reviews what SPINNER you’d like to try, we have a couple of recommendations for you. For a SPINNER that’s great for a newcomer to the series, if you’re still not sure, the TETRA 01 is a safe bet. Although it didn’t win for the number of reviews, as mentioned, it was a definite fan favorite in SNS polls and provides the perfect balance of sensations to try the series.

If you feel the need for stronger stimulation then we’d recommend trying out the BRICK 06 for the more substantial, firmer sensations. Once again, although the BEADS ranked best in customer reviews, the BRICK 06 was specifically designed to provide that extra firmness when compared to the rest of the series.

This is precisely what the SPINNER ternary graph was built for, however. The level system can help guide you to the SPINNER that has the perfect sensation for you, but ultimately it’s up to you to choose which SPINNER you’d think would suit your preferences.

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