Best Selling TENGA of Spring/Summer 2020

What are the best selling TENGA products on the USA TENGA Store during the first half of 2020? What did people buy when lockdowns started? And did the warming temperatures change what people wanted? Read on to find out.


    Top 10 TENGA

    Wasting no time, let’s see the top 10 best selling products in order, starting with:




    So, once again to clarify:

    1. Hole Lotion Real
    3. FLIP 0
    5. EGG Variety Pack New Standard
    7. Hole Lotion Wild
    8. EGG WAVY II
    9. SPINNER 02 HEXA
    10. Hole Lotion Solid

    From this we can see that people love reusable products, either the top of the range FLIP 0 or the affordable SPINNER (with all 3 of the first series in the top 10!). And of course, a variety of lotions are needed to use them. People love variety, so 3 of the lotions are here as well.

    Not to be outdone, our most famous disposables made the list too. The ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP representing the brand, as well as possibly our most famous product in the US: the TENGA EGG.

    Next, let's look more in depth into the top 5 of different categories.

    Desirable Disposables

    These are some of our most famous and recognizable products. People use them to try out different sex toys for less, make the occasional self-pleasure session more memorable, or for easy cleanup on the go.


    Makes sense that the flagship TENGA product is number 1! Ready to use, amazing sensations and simple cleanup makes this product very popular.

    2. EGG Variety Pack New Standard
    Our newest 6 pack, featuring updated classics as well as some all-new surprises.

    3. EGG WAVY II
    This is EGG number one from the New Standard variety pack; people love a classic!

    4. EGG Variety Pack Hard Boiled
    This 6 pack has EGGs made with firmer material and bolder details for a more intense experience. The second 6 pack on the list shows people love variety!

    5. Premium Vacuum CUP
    Made to celebrate 10 years of TENGA, it is made of premium materials and redesigned interior details. If you have tried our standard series, it’s time to experience upgraded sensations.

    Remarkable Reusables

    Easy to clean to be used again and again, they are always there when you need them.

    1. FLIP 0
    The product that introduced the FLIP 0 Series. It’s easy to see why this is popular, with the advanced internal details, insertion point that prevents leakage, and one-way air valve for suction. This item is also easy to clean and dry.

    The SPINNER from the first series, with the most intense sensations. People like strong experiences!

    The most gentle of the series, with the serene colors it is perfect for beginners to sex toys.

    4. SPINNER 02 HEXA
    With this, it makes all 3 of the original SPINNER Series! Shows that these fun, affordable products make people come back for more. Got to get them all!

    5. FLIP 0 EV Black
    The latest of the FLIP 0 series, this item boasts the most intense sensations from firmer material, bolder details, and 2 embedded motors. If you want power, this is it!

    Leading Lotions

    Indispensable when using our reusable products, these come in different viscosities, to get new sensations with the same item.


    1. Hole Lotion Real
    The classic lotion, that comes as a tester with reusable products, it is the closest to that ‘real’ feeling.

    2. Hole Lotion Wild
    The least viscous lotion, with added menthol for an extra kick.

    3. Hole Lotion Solid
    The thickest of the lotions, it allows you to focus on the boldest edges and details.

    4. Hole Lotion Mild
    The second thickest lotion, perfect for long lasting, milder sensations.

    5. EGG Lotion
    Easy to carry lubricant for all occasions, fits in the palm of your hand.

    Matchless Miscellaneous

    Some products do not fit in any of the above categories, but are all wonderful in their own way. These are the top 5:



    1. Hole Warmer (No longer on Sale)
    This handy, reusable item can be used to warm up the CUP series before use, perfect for winter nights.

    2. Vacuum Controller
    An attachment to the ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP and its variations, you can increase the suction power with the touch of a button.

    3. SVR (Black, Carmine, White)
    The Smart Vibe Ring has a vibrator and fits around the shaft for partnered pleasure. Comes in three beautiful colors, depending on your preference.

    4. Loupe
    Developed by TENGA HealthCare, this is a sperm observation kit for smartphones. For those who want to know more about their bodies.


    So there we have it, the best selling TENGA products of the first half of 2020. Hopefully this has helped you understand what’s popular within TENGA right now, and maybe given you some ideas for the next product to try.

    What will you go for, and will things change in the second half of the year? (will cooling lotion be good for winter?)
    Look forward to the next update of the most popular TENGA products!

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