TENGA 3D Series Review Roundup

The TENGA 3D Series is one of the earliest TENGA Series produced, announced globally back in 2011. This series differs from previous offerings at that time, not displaying any of the classic, brand-recogniziroha copy finalize?iable TENGA CUP shapes or red color scheme. The TENGA 3D series might even look like objets d’art at first glance, but when you invert them, the external design functions as internal details for incredible sensations. We’ve looked at how to use the TENGA 3D before, but here we’ll take a look at what customers have to say about the series. 


A Brief Intro to the TENGA 3D Series

The TENGA 3D Series was designed to look like pieces of art, something that would fit in flawlessly with a room’s decoration. Made from stretchable material, they can fit almost any size. Although the material of the TENGA 3D Series is similar to the TENGA EGG, they are reusable and produced to be much more durable. The series features the TENGA 3D SPIRAL, MODULE, ZEN, POLYGON and PILE

The TENGA 3D Series each have distinct designs, for beautiful aesthetics combined with unique, incredible stimulation. It’s also with noting that the series won an award for product design from Red Dot Design Awards back in 2012! 

Let’s have a closer look at the customer thoughts on the TENGA 3D Series. 

Disclaimer: Reviews included have been edited for clarity.

Different 3D Series Reviews

As mentioned, the TENGA 3D Series is one of the first reusable offerings from TENGA released back in 2011. We’ll take a look at each of the TENGA 3D Series to see the thoughts of previous buyers. 


The SPIRAL is designed from winding Hexagonal plates. Both the varying sensations of the spiral form and the detailed ribs of the walls combine to provide two separate sensations, both hard and soft. Based on the reviews, 64% of people give the SPIRAL a 5-star rating. Here are just a few comments previous buyers made.

Beautiful on my shelf, feels amazing every time
The length is great and the texture is subtle and well done, easy to clean and beautiful to look at.

Awesome product
High quality, very soft and flexible material that is easy to flip, easy to use, and easy to clean. Creates great suction and friction during use. No complaints!

First time user
I’ve never had such a unique experience until I tried this TENGA 3D spiral masturbator, it has a oddly satisfying swirl that gives a unique soothing experience


The ZEN is designed with an undulating ribbed pattern around the surface. The delicate engraving flows that offers a smooth stroking stimulus. The ZEN is a must-have for those who seek a gentle sensation. Based on the reviews, 82% of people give the ZEN a 5-star rating. Here are some reviews customers wrote about this 3D item.

A great product with mild stimulation
I got the Tenga 3D Zen because I was looking for something with mild stimulation. This product delivers and feels very good…

Its a Real Pleasure!
Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect from your product. I was pleasurably surprised by how well it performs.

Loved the softness of the material, going to grab the more tactial ones next


The MODULE is designed with a series of alternating elevated blocks. The protruding blocks rub for a firm sensation, while the receded blocks cling firmly. The blocks provide a flurry of stimulation giving a stronger sensation. Here is a review a previous customers left.

Didn’t enjoy it
Unfortunately I can’t say I enjoyed this particular TENGA product... The upside of the 3D is that it is very easy to clean, and also a bit more discreet than the Flip Zero. The downsides are that the interior texture is too rough for me (I bought the Module version) Judging from other reviews I’ve read, it seems like people enjoy this one, but personally I was disappointed...



The POLYGON is designed with multiple randomly constructed triangles embellishing the surface. The slippery glide of the polygonal faces and unexpectedly strong edges give a fantastic experience you have never felt before. Here is a previous customers thoughts on the POLYGON.

Good but could be improved
It is definitely amazing and quite on par with TENGA excellence, however, I feel that the ridges could have been more defined to offer a harder more intense sensation. Otherwise great, has a nice gripping capability (even when covered in lube), very satisfying, easy to clean, and has a very convenient storage case


The PILE is designed with tightly packed triangles that give a soft sensation at the base and a distinct rippling stimulus as they space out towards the tip. The varying sensations brought around by this gradient of offers a unique stimulation. Here is one of the reviews left by a previous buyer.

Nice enhancement
The 3D pile is similar to Geo Cup coral sensation wise, with out the tug factor. As an enhancement of you package profile under very formfitting swim trunks, jeans or shorts it should definitely improve your social life. As intended as a stoker its functional with your firm grip.

Which TENGA 3D Do I Choose

Still not sure about which TENGA 3D you think would suit your preferences? Based on customer reviews alone we’d suggest the SPIRAL. Given the feedback (and regularity) of the reviews, this 3D provides a great experience that buyers are willing to comment about!

Of course, if one of the other TENGA 3D looks like it would suit your needs more then we’d recommend picking what you think would work best for you. All of the TENGA 3D are award winners in terms of design, so we’re confident one of them would fit your preferences. If you do purchase one and like it, be sure to leave a review in the future!

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