Reviews of the TENGA EGG - What Other People Are Saying

Feb 08, 2021

The TENGA EGGs are one of the most popular, globally available, disposable TENGA products. As such, we’ve covered them a lot previously. Everything from how to use and how to choose your TENGA EGG to customer reviews. Since they are so popular, they have also received a lot of reviews from bloggers and sex toy experts too. We've picked up a few below so you can see what other people are saying about our popular TENGA EGGs


Buzzfeed - “24 Sex Toys for Anyone Who's Staying Inside and Is Bored Out Of Their Mind”

Image from Buzzfeed article.

Buzzfeed provided a ‘cool’ review of the TENGA COOL EGG - Wavy stating it was perfect to: 

send you over the edge during "me time." 

Read more here.

The Inventory - “Two Products to Help You Pound One Out Like a Champ While You're Stuck Working From Home” 

Photo: Callum Shaw (Unsplash)

The Inventory took a close look at one variety of the TENGA EGG Variety Packs and gave their candid thoughts, commenting: 

“If you’re still jerkin’ it like the founding fathers, you’re missing out on an entire world of pleasure.”

You can check the article here.

Male Toy Reviews

Image from Male Toy Review blog.

The Male Toy Review blog provides sex toy reviews from a reviewer in Belgium. He reviewed the TENGA EGG Variety Pack - New Standard and noted:

“Good products don't always have to be expensive, and TENGA has proven that for years with their popular TENGA EGGs.”

Find the full article here.

Rolling Stone - “Masturbation Month 2020: Best Sex Toys, Accessories For Masturbating” 

Image from Rolling Stone article.

In a recent article about sex toys to try during quarantine, Rolling Stone looked at the KEITH HARING x TENGA EGG - Street. The TENGA EGG in was used as an example of how...:

Touching ourselves in a loving and pleasurable way can be incredibly comforting, healing, and enjoyable”. 

Read more here.

Mashable - “The best budget-friendly sex toys under $50”

Image from Mashable article.
Mashable reviewed multiple TENGA sex toys in this article, but the TENGA EGGs were named as “Best disposable toy for penises” suggesting that they are great for people looking for:

exploration, gifting [and] beginners”. 

Check out the full article here to see the rest of the review and the other TENGA products mentioned.

FWST Reviews

Image taken from Fun With Sex Toys YouTube review.
Fun With Sex Toys, a sex toy blogger who posts most of their reviews on YouTube, gives reviews on products from the US. He reviewed the TENGA EGG Variety Pack - New Standard, even making the product the number 1 sex toy product of 2020 stating:

“The lube provided is thick and feels great when paired with the soft, squishy material of the EGG”

You can watch his full review here.


The TENGA EGG Series are one of the most popular disposable products by TENGA, highly recommended by both sex toy users and mainstream media. They are great for people wanting to try something new that is inexpensive yet still improves upon regular masturbation. They are also great as gifts or as a first sex toy for beginners.