Fun Sex Toys from TENGA And Iroha

Jan 19, 2021

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, masturbation is essential for your wellbeing; we've covered some of the benefits it can offer, here. You don’t need to be limited to just your hands though (and this goes for both solo and partnered pleasure)! There are plenty of sex toys out there that can not only help take solo masturbation to new levels by giving sensations hands alone cannot replicate, but also toys to help spice up your coupled play. Whether you’re new to the TENGA group or are just looking for something a little more exciting to try, here are some of our most fun and interesting TENGA and iroha toys for both solo and partnered play.


Terrific TENGA Toys

First let’s take a look at what we feel are some of TENGA’s most fun offerings.  


The TENGA SPINNER isn’t just one of our most popular sex toys offered globally, but also one of the most fun! This is no ordinary stroker, as the internal coil embedded into the elastomer makes the SPINNER twist as you insert, sending incredible sensations with each stroke. Not only did the original three SPINNERs win a Red Dot Design Award for product design, but three new SPINNERs were added to the series in 2020! 

Each of the six SPINNERs offers different sensations, so be sure to read our guide here on the distinctions between them. The TENGA SPINNER is perfect for some extra fun stimulation during either solo or partnered play!


Although the TENGA Original Vacuum CUP is one of TENGA’s most iconic items, the Standard CUP Series has some pretty fun products! The TENGA DUAL SENSATION CUP has a two-in-one blend of stimulations, for people who can’t make up their mind what they want to try! The “Tough Side” firmly tightens while the “Tender Side” provides a gentle clinging stroke. Usually, one side is used at a time; however, alternate use of both allows you to get the best of two contrasting sensations! 

TENGA Rolling Head CUP

Speaking of fun Standard CUP Series, the TENGA Rolling Head CUP also offers an exciting, unique experience for those who like to take control. The TENGA Rolling Head CUP allows you to create a multitude of intense sensations by expanding, contracting, or freely twisting the spiral body. With the flexible body which allows for free 360° motion, you’ll experience new realms of pleasure.


If you’re considering something that offers a more luxurious experience, then the FLIP 0 EV and FLIP 0 EV Black are the perfect choices. With two “Vibrating Cores'' embedded inside the elastomer, the Standard White and Strong Black offer a sensation that’s truly out of this world. Choose the FLIP 0 EV for the standard TENGA material firmness or the FLIP 0 EV Black for the strongest simulation TENGA has to offer.

Interesting iroha Items

iroha also offers a range of interesting sex toys for both external and internal clitoral stimulation. Here are some of our picks for the most interesting iroha offerings.


The iroha MINAMO and MIKAZUKI are perfect for gentle internal vaginal stimulation. With their soft, pliable design, they are made to gently fit the contours of the body. The MIKAZUKI has a thin, crescent-shaped design that is made for insertable pleasure, designed for first-time users and luxury massager beginners. The MINAMO, with its curvy, wave-shaped design, is slightly thicker than the MIKAZUKI, provides subtle, undulating sensations and pleasure when in use.

iroha stick

Created to be a compact item that easily slips into any pocket or purse, the iroha stick is unobtrusive, so you can confidently keep it close at hand. The iroha stick has a soft silicone tip that is gentle on skin, and is also waterproof so it’s ready whenever or wherever you need it.

iroha ukidama

Speaking of waterproof, our next suggestion fits the description perfectly. The iroha ukidama can function as a bath light and massager, to make your bath-time better. Not only is the design beautiful to look at and an inconspicuous addition to any bathroom decor, but the iroha ukidama provides multifaceted relaxation methods. Any bath fanatic is sure to love this added glow to their bath-time rituals. While this product isn’t out in the US just yet, it should be coming in Summer 2021, so stay tuned to our Twitter and Instagram for any announcements!

iroha temari

The iroha temari is another example of interesting form and functionality, offering one of the strongest external vibrating sensations in such a small package. Despite the powerful vibrating function, the case is specially devised to reduce vibration transmission to the holder. All this with a design that looks like it could be a simple room decoration.

Captivating Couples' Toys

Lastly let’s take a quick look at a couple of suggestions for partnered play to give couples an extra level of mutual stimulation.


The TENGA SVR and SVR+ are one of the most highly recommended TENGA products for partnered play since they were specifically designed to be used by couples. The Smart Vibe Ring, while viable for solo masturbation, comes into its own when it is used by couples to enhance sensations and stimulations during foreplay and beyond. The silicone ring is made with a high level of durability and stretchiness which should fit almost any couples demands.


Our final suggestion for partnered play might be better known as a solo sex toy, but the TENGA EGGs can also be used to elevate a handjob to new levels. Why rely on just your hands when you have a TENGA EGG available! The EGG works perfectly well to make a regular masturbation session much more interesting but the EGG can be used for so much more. Aside from the aforementioned addition to a handjob, the EGG can also be inverted and used with wand-type vibrators to give extra sensations. If you don’t have a suitable wand-type vibrator, an inverted EGG can always be used over a finger or two for additional stroking sensations during solo masturbation or foreplay! Who knew this EGG was so versatile?

Try Something Terrific, Interesting and Captivating

As you can see, there are plenty of TENGA and iroha products that offer fun experiences that are outside of the ordinary. Some of our products, such as the EGG, are even a little more versatile than you might originally think. Whether you’ve tried a TENGA or iroha product before or are new to the brands, why not try one of our suggestions? We’re certain there’s one that will spice up your solo or partnered play and give some terrific, interesting and captivating extra stimulation.