What Cheap Sex Toys Does TENGA Offer?

Jan 06, 2021

Whether on a budget, or unsure about splurging on luxury sex toys, there are many reasons to look for affordable pleasure products. TENGA has a choice selection, each with their own charm points and prices that will not break the bank, ranging from $30 all the way down to an incredible $6.50!


    TENGA CUP Series

    The classic product that showcases the TENGA brand. 5 varieties to choose from starting at $8.

    The Original Vacuum CUP - $8.00
    The classic CUP that provides incredible suction sensations.

    The Soft Tube CUP - $9.25
    The soft case lets you squeeze to control the sensations.

    The Rolling Head CUP - $12.25
    Freely move the head of the CUP for 360° of pleasure.

    The Double Hole CUP - $14.25
    Enjoy contrasting sensations between the gentle ‘Sweet Side’ and the strong ‘Bitter Side’

    The Air Cushion CUP - $15.75
    The internal structure provides feedback sensations when you insert.

    You can also get the U.S. (Ultra Size) CUPs if you need a little more space, the Premium TENGA Series if you want that touch of luxury, COOL TENGA for a refreshing feeling or get the artistic Keith Haring variations.

    TENGA EGG Series

    The most affordable of all our products, at the low low price of $6.50. Super stretch to fit most sizes, why not get a six pack to experience all the different textures?

    6 Colors
    The original 6 EGGs, each with a different texture inside.

    Hard Boiled
    Made from a firmer material, these EGGs provide stronger sensations.

    New Standard
    A mixture of updated favorites, as well as some brand new designs.

    There are also special edition EGGs, such as the Keith Haring Collection, LOVERS edition, COOL Edition with cooling lotion inside, and the Pride Edition, part of the proceeds of that contributing to activities related to sexual minorities around the world.


    This is our cheapest reusable item, the internal coil makes the item twist as you insert, and the case doubles as a drying stand for hygienic air-drying. Now with six variations to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice! You can read about the whole series here


    TENGA tries to cater to every wish, providing products of a wide range of prices. With TENGA you will get quality, no matter what you choose.

    The disposable items are made to be easy and ready to use right away, and it can all be contained after for easy cleanup. Each product has a different, unique sensation to try, so you can find out what works for you. 
    Reusables have the advantage of being able to be used again and again, once you know what sensations you like.

    All of these affordable products means you can start exploring what type of pleasure is for you.

    If this is your first sex toy, and looking for something cheap to try out, TENGA products start as low as $6.50, so no better time to start masturbating better.