FAQ about the USA TENGA Store

Dec 23, 2020

Is there anything you wanted to know about purchasing from the USA TENGA Store? The following will go though some of the most common questions, and help you through any issues you might have had.




    All About The USA TENGA Store

    Everyone at the USA TENGA Store wants to ease any worries you might have about purchasing, so let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

    Why hasn’t anyone answered my email yet?

    Inquiries are answered by either TENGA USA, who cannot answer emails after hours or on weekends, or the head office in Tokyo, who work on Japan time. If your email has not been answered for over 24 hours, and it is neither the weekend or public holidays, please email us again, as it might have gotten lost in a server error.

    I made a mistake with my order, can I change or cancel it?

    Although we are unable to directly change the items in your order, If you contact us we can cancel your current order and issue a full refund, after which you can place your new, correct order.

    Can I get a refund?

    As long as the items from your USA TENGA Store purchase are unopened, you are welcome to return them to us for a full refund in accordance with our Returns Policy, just contact us here. However, due to the intimate nature of our products and the importance of safety and hygiene, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges on any opened products.

    How come my discount code/promotion/bundle isn’t working?

    Due to the way our system is set up, it is not possible to combine several deals. Only one bundle, discount/coupon code, or promotion can be applied to any order.

    How can I pay for purchases on the USA TENGA Store?

    Most credit cards, as well as Amazon and Apple Pay can be used to make your purchase.

    How will my purchase appear on my credit card statement?

    Purchases made by credit card on the USA TENGA Store would appear as "SP * USA TENGA STORE" on billing statements.

    If I leave a product review, will it show my name?

    You can change how your name will appear on the review, and are free to use any nickname you want. You can always email us to ask us to change it as well.

    Some Shipping Situations

    All you wanted to know before it ships, or just after you made your purchase can be found here.

    I am worried about someone discovering my package, can you make it discreet?

    All packages from the USA TENGA Store are in plain brown boxes, with only the company name ‘TENGA USA’ written on the shipping label, no logos or branding.

    How long will my package take to arrive?

    Packages are shipped out 24 hours after the order has been placed, and usually arrive within the U.S. in between 1 and 5 business days. Due to issues with the pandemic, shipping times might take longer at the moment.

    Do you ship to Canada?

    Yes! Shipping to Canada has resumed. Please be aware that due to the Coronavirus, packages might take longer to arrive, and are shipped to Canada once a week. Click here for more info.

    Do you ship worldwide?

    Currently the USA TENGA Store only ships in the U.S. and Canada.

    Will I have to pay duties/taxes/customs?

    Duties and taxes are not included in the shipping or product price. The customer is responsible for paying these fees. These can differ depending on what state or country you are in.

    It looks like my package got lost in transit, what should I do?

    In the case of a lost package, it is sometimes with a neighbor, please check there first. If you still have not found the parcel, please contact the shipping service directly to find out more about the delivery. The item may also have been returned to your local post office. If your parcel still cannot be located, please let us know!

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Our Products

    This section will cover questions about the products, quite a wide ranging array we have received!

    Why can’t I find [X product] on your store?

    There are several reasons for this depending on demand, regional availability, or if the products in question are special novelties or limited, exclusive goods. You can read the full list and reasons here.

    Are your goods only for penises?

    TENGA also has products for couples to use together, such as the SVR, and iroha is our women’s brand of vibrators for internal and external use. 

    What sizes do your products come in? I don’t think they will fit me

    If you look on each product page, you can find the insertion depth and width of that item. There are also products that are stretchable, to fit a wide range of sizes! 

    Are TENGA products vegan?

    Yes! TENGA products have not been tested on animals, and no animal products are used in the manufacturing of TENGA products.

    Can I be a tester of new products?

    All testing is done in-house in the head office, unfortunately. If you are a reviewer with your own platform, feel free to contact us though!

    Are there any fake TENGA products out there?

    Rest assured, all products bought on the USA TENGA Store are guaranteed to be authentic! However, we cannot guarantee the same for stores that are not on our Global Store Locator. When it comes to counterfeits, look out for mistakes with spelling or the logo, as well as lower quality materials. You can read more about it here.


    We hope that any questions you had have now been answered, but if not, please contact us, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible! We will have more FAQ blogs as time goes on, especially about specific products, so be sure to look out for them!