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FLIP ZERO EV (Electronic Vibration)

$197.80 $230

For the non-vibrating regular FLIP ZERO, click here.

Size (D × W × H inches): 2.68 × 3.35 × 6.90

Insertion Length (inches): 6.30

Insertion Width (inches): 2.00

Weight (lbs): 1.16

Vibration Modes: Low / High / Pulse / Alternating / Random

Other Specs:
USB Rechargeable

Running Time: Approx. 40min (Full Power)
Charging Time: Approx. 90min
Waterproof up to 19.5"
*Charging Base NOT Waterproof
Sample Lotion Included


Case & Slide Cap: PC
Internal Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Product Body: PP, Silicone, ABS, Li-ion Polymer Battery (Li-Poly)
Charging Base: Silicone, ABS

Warranty: 1 Year from Date of Purchase

WARNING: California's Proposition 65 (Slide arms, Hard plastic)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Fantastic device

I love the device. Much engineering has gone into it. I have tried a great many devices, and there is no comparison to this device. The vibrating flip hole is the best device available without a doubt.

Best in Class With a Small Request

I have used many brands of male toys over the years. I have, after several rounds, thrown them all away because I favored the non-vibrating flip hole in white. I tried the silver and black, for me the white was still the best. I pondered what it would be like if vibration could be added to the white. Tenga answered the call with the vibrating flip hole white. It is by far the best male toy on the market. I need to qualify my remarks with some advice based on experience. You need to choose the size (color) based on your anatomy. For me the white non-vibrating is a almost a perfect fit. I find that the vibrating version is a just a little bit short. Personally
I'd love to see Tenga add about 1" to this amazing masterpeice. It is fantastic, I just need a little more depth to be perfectly comfortable. Don't change anything, just add some depth! Congratulations to the engineers who designed this, you've raised the bar industry wide.

Ultimate Solo Masturbation Experience

This toy is simply awesome. Make sure the inside is lubed up nice. This toy produces very strong orgasms. When I first received the Flip Zero Vibrator, I would slip it on and sit back and relax to get some hands-free action. I can orgasm 2-4 times with this. Nice thing is that it is very easy to clean! If you combine this with some anal action such as the Lush 3, you will go through the roof! Best $200 I have spent! I highly recommend this product.

Stimulation lacked

Seemed as if more vibes were directed outward, giving my hand a hell of a ride, but that's not what I was purchasing. The unit itself felt nice, but all the extra vibe money was a waste.

Could use more simulation

I didn't really know what to expect when I got this but I def should have went with the black flip then the white. It gets the job done I just don't really feel satisfied with it but the vibrations are great!