How to Choose From the FLIP ZERO Series?

As one of our bestsellers, the FLIP ZERO series has been expanding due to its popularity. As we continue to grow one of our most innovative series, we want to make sure our users are getting the best FLIP ZERO product for them. Currently, the FLIP ZERO Series includes the original FLIP ZERO, FLIP ZERO Black, FLIP ZERO EV, FLIP ZERO EV Black, and our latest additions, the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY White & Black.

With so many different variations to the FLIP ZERO series, it can be hard to choose and know which one might be the ‘best’ choice for you. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand the differences a little better and figure out which of the FLIP ZERO Series you want to get!



A Brief Intro To The FLIP ZERO


The TENGA FLIP ZERO (FLIP 0) was the next evolution of the TENGA FLIP HOLE Series, where TENGA took fans’ suggestions and made it into a reality. With smarter designs, such as the integrated pivot at the entry point that allows the FLIP 0 to flip-open for easier cleaning process and better user experience. With the improved hinge, users can easily enjoy the sensations without worrying about lubrication leakage. 

On top of the smart designs, the FLIP 0 is the ultimate luxurious reusable product, with premium quality elastomer and details that provide the ultimate pleasure for the users. The chic design and appearance also cultivate fans’ interest and love, and since then, TENGA was able to release a variety of different FLIP 0 items to meet everyone’s needs and wants. 

If you are curious to find out more about the FLIP 0 specifically, check out our dedicated blog, Why You Should Check Out The TENGA FLIP ZERO. Or if you are already interested in the FLIP 0 Series, keep on reading!

What is the FLIP ZERO Series?


The TENGA FLIP ZERO Series is one of the most popular series globally. With its innovative design and functionality, the FLIP ZERO series has earned fans’ adoration, which is one of the reasons you should definitely check out. As we continue to create products that meet and exceed our fans’ expectations, the FLIP ZERO Series has grown, and for newcomers it can be difficult to decide which FLIP 0 is the best for you. 

The FLIP 0 Series currently contains 6 different variations, the FLIP 0, FLIP 0 Black, FLIP 0 EV, FLIP 0 EV Black, FLIP 0 GRAVITY White, and FLIP 0 GRAVITY Black. All of these items pair great with our HOLE LOTIONs. 

Let us take a few minutes to differentiate the different FLIP ZERO products and find the best FLIP ZERO product for you. 


What are the Differences Between the FLIP ZERO Series?


FLIP 0 + Opened 

FLIP ZERO - The original of the Series. The TENGA FLIP ZERO is the standard, a great option for those who are trying out the FLIP ZERO series for the first time and want the classic choice. 

 FLIP 0 Black + Opened

FLIP ZERO Black - After the success of the FLIP ZERO, the TENGA FLIP ZERO Black kept all the good points and made them a bit stronger in terms of sensations, with firmer elastomer and more pronounced details that create stronger sensations and suction. 

FLIP 0 EV + Opened 

FLIP ZERO EV - The FLIP ZERO EV pushed the limits, by housing two of our TENGA-engineered Vibrating Cores in the elastomer to allow the users to experience whole new sensations. 

FLIP 0 EV Black + Opened 

FLIP ZERO EV Black - Similar to the FLIP 0 Black, the TENGA FLIP 0 EV Black is the firmer and stronger sensation option for those that want more than the standard FLIP 0 EV. 

FLIP 0 Gravity White + Opened 

FLIP ZERO GRAVITY White - The FLIP ZERO GRAVITY White is one of our latest additions to the FLIP 0 Series. Based on the feedback, we decided to create the FLIP 0 GRAVITY, where each stroke is smoother and faster, and has more of a gliding sensation with denser internal details. 

 FLIP 0 Gravity Black + Opened

FLIP ZERO GRAVITY Black - The TENGA FLIP ZERO GRAVITY Black is just like the FLIP 0 GRAVITY White, but with firmer and stronger details and elastomer. 

Still Can’t Choose? Here are Our Suggestions.

Still not sure which is best for you? Here are a couple of helpful suggestions from us on the TENGA team. If you are looking for the standard one to start with, we recommend the FLIP ZERO. As it is the classic one that started everything. 

From there on, you can move on to the FLIP 0 EV or FLIP 0 Black depending on what you seek: vibrations or firmer material.

Keep in mind these are only our recommendations though. When it comes to the FLIP 0 series you should trust what you think looks best for what stimulations you enjoy. If you need a guide on how to use the TENGA FLIP, including the FLIP 0 Series, FLIP HOLE Series, and FLIP ORB Series, then check out our helpful guide here. Most importantly of all though, be sure to enjoy!

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