Why you should check out the TENGA FLIP ZERO

Want to get a sex toy but not sure what is good or which one to get? There are so many options available nowadays, and finding the one for you might get a bit overwhelming. Well, allow us to introduce you to the TENGA FLIP ZERO. Let’s find out more about this amazing product and why you should definitely check it out.






The TENGA FLIP ZERO is a stand-out product within the TENGA sex toys range, with sleek designs and incredible sensations. Like any TENGA product, the TENGA FLIP ZERO is designed to help and encourage the users to feel comfortable and enjoy their time.

Let’s check out the amazing specs of the TENGA FLIP ZERO:
  • Premium material that was only available in Japan until now, with highly advanced technology molding
  • Easy to clean design that allows the user to flip open the masturbator to clean and dry
  • A much lighter and compact unit in comparison to the FLIP HOLE
  • Easy to control pressure pads that create amazing suction during use
  • New integrated pivot hinge inside the product allows for a seamless insertion that improves usability and experience
  • Lubricant leak proof entry point

With all these amazing features, no wonder the fans love the TENGA FLIP ZERO. Read some actual reviews for the TENGA FLIP ZERO here.


A Quick History of the TENGA FLIP ZERO

After 10 years of launching the FLIP HOLE, TENGA released the FLIP ZERO. The FLIP ZERO was a re-imagining of the popular FLIP HOLE.

The TENGA FLIP HOLE was created in hopes of providing users with a reusable option that is easy to wash, easy to lubricate, and with detailed internal designs. TENGA was able to create a more intricate elastomer molding along with better engineering and exploration of higher technology with better materials.

The TENGA FLIP ZERO’s Integrated Pivot hinge allows the device to be opened from the top instead of the insertion point like the FLIP HOLE. This not only resolves the issue with lubricant leakage, but also creates an air-tight environment with the inclusion of a valve to let air escape so users can squeeze the item for a strong suction sensation.

In addition, the newly designed FLIP ZERO is much lighter than its predecessor, and the slide arms are designed for easy attachment and can double as a drying rack. Last but not least, the FLIP ZERO comes with its own case for storage that will help keep the masturbator safe.



If you are interested in a TENGA FLIP Series sex toy, but not sure if the TENGA FLIP ZERO is the right one for you, don’t worry! Within the TENGA FLIP Series, there are different options such as the FLIP HOLE, the FLIP ORB and the FLIP ZERO EV.

Each sex toy has a different design and focus.

The TENGA FLIP HOLE was the first of the TENGA Series. As the pioneer, the TENGA FLIP HOLE was an innovation for reusable masturbators. With intricate internal designs and an easy to clean flip open design.

The TENGA FLIP ORB includes our unique firmer orbs that are encased in our soft and flexible elastomer to provide rippling and bounding sensations. On top of that, it has specially designed pressure pads that allow the user to control the pressure for extra pleasure.

Last, but not least, the second generation of the FLIP ZERO, the TENGA FLIP ZERO EV (Electronic Vibration). Due to the popularity of the TENGA FLIP ZERO and the constant strive for innovation, TENGA created a vibrating TENGA FLIP ZERO. Taking all the good points of the TENGA FLIP ZERO and inserting 2 core motors into the elastomer to create more intense stimulation.

All of the products within the TENGA FLIP Series have their own unique designs and differ in firmness of elastomer. While they are all great, it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. Here is an article to help you choose the best TENGA FLIP product for you.


The TENGA FLIP ZERO is one of TENGA’s best selling items and now you know why.
High quality elastomer, unique internal details, and a chic design ensures the best user experience. On top of that, since the launch of the TENGA FLIP ZERO, many new models have been released such as the TENGA FLIP ORB, and the TENGA FLIP ZERO EV. Hopefully this article has convinced you to check out this amazing product, whether as a gift for yourself or friends. If you are having a hard time choosing a holiday gift this year, check out our top 5 TENGA products that are great holiday gifts.

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