Why You Should Check Out The TENGA GEO AQUA

For those of you that love our TENGA EGG Series, have you checked our TENGA GEO Series? The TENGA GEO Series is a great option for those of you who enjoy the sensations of the TENGA EGG but want something more long-lasting. There are three options within the TENGA GEO Series, and in this blog, we are going to take a closer look at the TENGA GEO AQUA.

If you’re looking for a reusable masturbator and want to try something a little more unique, then the TENGA GEO AQUA may be for you. The TENGA GEO AQUA is the perfect next step for those who love the TENGA EGG and are looking for something reusable.

Learn more about the TENGA GEO AQUA and why it could be your next favorite masturbator!




TENGA GEO AQUA - item onlyThe TENGA GEO Series is one of the most aesthetically pleasing reusable masturbators TENGA has to offer. Within the series, the TENGA GEO AQUA features ridges that resemble the waves and ripples of water.

Let’s check out the outstanding features of the TENGA GEO AQUA:

  • Smart design - the case has a built-in drying rack
  • Discreet and beautiful - Intricate details that can be put on display when stored in its case, looks like a piece of art
  • Easy to clean - simply invert the TENGA GEO AQUA back to its original side for cleaning
  • Thick and soft material - allows users to experience the ultimate pleasure
  • Great for most sizes - due to the soft and stretchy material, the TENGA GEO can accommodate most sizes.

All of these features help create the ultimate pleasure, making the TENGA GEO AQUA a very popular choice for many people!

A Quick History of the TENGA GEO Series

TENGA GEO Series - Red Dot Design Award - Best of the BestThe TENGA GEO Series was awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best award for the Red Dot Product Design Awards. The TENGA GEO series is the first ever sex toy to receive such an award in the Red Dot Design Awards history.

The TENGA GEO Series was originally released in 2020 with 3 different variations. The series name GEO comes from the Greek word meaning earth, GEO is also used in the word geometry. The designs were inspired by elements in nature and geometry, such as water, coral reefs, and glaciers while incorporating geometric shapes.

To use the TENGA GEO series is very simple, simply remove the item from its stand. Flip it inside out, so the intricate geometric shapes become internal details. Remember to add lubrication to the inside and the entrance of the item. Enjoy the standout geometric sensations and then once done, flip it inside-out again for cleaning. Once washed, pat the TENGA GEO with a towel to remove excess water and place it on the drying rack to air dry.


The TENGA GEO Series

Priced at $39 each, the TENGA GEO Series is one of our mid-range reusable products and makes a great choice for someone interested in trying a new sex toy or looking for an alternative to the TENGA EGGs.

Check out the 3 different TENGA GEO available: 

TENGA GEO AQUA - Fluid ridges for direct, undulating pleasure
TENGA GEO CORAL - Complex peaks for elegant, enveloping pleasureTENGA GEO CORAL


TENGA GEO GLACIER - Angular prisms for dynamic, surging pleasure
With these three variations, there is sure to be a TENGA GEO that suits your liking and needs! To learn more about how to use the TENGA GEO you can check out our guide here. Or if you are interested in checking out some other TENGA reusable pleasure products, you can check out our Top 5 Reusable TENGA Products here.


The TENGA GEO AQUA is one of the most unique and aesthetic reusable products TENGA has to offer now. Combining geometry and nature to create standout geometric sensations. Hopefully, this blog has helped you to learn more about the TENGA GEO. Maybe even convince you that the TENGA GEO AQUA is a great option for both yourself and your friends. Want to know more about other TENGA GEOs? Check out Why You Should Check Out The TENGA GEO CORAL here.

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