Why you Should Check Out the TENGA GEO CORAL

Are you looking for the right sex toy but worried about which one feels right for you? There are so many options these days that finding the perfect one may be a bit overwhelming. If you’re unsure about taking the plunge into buying a reusable masturbator, but have enjoyed our disposable TENGA EGGs, then perhaps the TENGA GEO CORAL may be your next exhilarating experience! The exquisite geometric design delivers stunning sensations and stretches to accommodate almost any size. It is also easy to clean!

Learn more about this awesome product and why it could be a “perfect fit” for you.



The TENGA GEO CORAL is one of three designs in our geometrically inspired lineup  - the TENGA GEO Series. With ​​the GEO CORAL, you’ll experience the soft, enveloping peaks of the design for a sensation like no other. Thanks to its many amazing features, the TENGA GEO CORAL has become one of the best-selling products in the series.

Let’s check out the amazing features of the TENGA GEO CORAL:

  • The GEO CORAL can be fully turned inside-out, with the decorative geometric shapes transforming into densely-packed internal details which provide exquisite sensations.
  • The stretchy material of the GEO CORAL is thick and soft, and designed to fit almost any size..
  • Discreet design - the GEO Series was designed to look aesthetically pleasing when not in use, keeping in mind those who prefer discretion!
  • Easy to clean and dry.

With such a wealth of convenient and discreet features that provide unparalleled pleasure, it’s no wonder the TENGA GEO CORAL is so popular! 

A Quick History of the TENGA GEO Series

The TENGA GEO Series was originally released in 2020 with three different variations.

The TENGA GEO CORAL has grown to become a popular product within our reusable lineup.  All of the TENGA GEO Series merges the stylish looks of the TENGA 3D with the stretchability of the TENGA EGGs. Combining both of these qualities with thicker material for more pronounced details creates an exceptional experience.

The TENGA GEO CORAL is the perfect entry into reusable TENGA products for those who have tried and enjoyed our TENGA EGGs.  Let the geometrically designed internal details deliver you to new sensations of elegant, enveloping pleasure. 

The TENGA GEO Series

Priced at $39 each, the TENGA GEO is one of our most affordable, mid-range reusable products and is definitely within reach of anyone interested in trying a new and exciting sex toy sensation. Here is a breakdown of the different TENGA GEO models available:

  • GEO CORAL - Complex peaks for elegant, enveloping pleasure.
  • GEO GLACIER - Angular prisms for dynamic, surging pleasure.
  • GEO AQUA - Fluid ridges for direct, undulating pleasure.

With these enticingly different types of stimulation, there is certain to be a TENGA GEO for you! If you’d like more information on how to use a TENGA GEO you can check out our handy blog guide here. Alternatively, if you still don’t know which one to choose, come see our customer reviews and recommendations on the TENGA GEO here.


The TENGA GEO CORAL is one of TENGA’s most sensational and affordable reusable products and now you know why. Hopefully, this article has convinced you to check out this amazing product, maybe as a gift for yourself or for a friend. If you are looking to buy a new sex toy this year, check out our top 5 reusable TENGA products for ideas on products loved by fellow TENGA enthusiasts.

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