Are POCKET TENGAs Reusable?

The POCKET TENGA Series is one of the most recent disposable lineups from TENGA. Not only are they simple to use and extremely portable, but they are one of our most affordable items. TENGA's new slim-stretch material stretches to fit almost any size, for pleasure beyond your hand, smaller than your pocket! 

One question we are regularly asked is “are POCKET TENGAs reusable”? The quick answer is no. However, in this article, we’ll cover why they shouldn’t be reused, along with some great suggestions on alternative, reusable TENGA products. After reading this article, you’ll probably want to try them all!


Are POCKET TENGAs Reusable?

As we mentioned earlier, the quick answer to the question “Are POCKET TENGAs reusable” is no. 

The reason is that POCKET TENGAs are designed as a one-time, disposable product. They are not produced to be used multiple times or cleaned after use. As such, they should always be discarded after a single use. 

The POCKET TENGA makes for a great beginner item or for someone looking to explore new sensations due to it being simple and easy to use, as well as being budget-friendly so you can try a few of them without breaking the bank. While it may be single use, cleanup and disposal is easy, just put the POCKET back into the pack, seal it up, and throw it away.

Why Should I Not Reuse POCKET TENGAs?

We do not recommend using POCKET TENGAs more than once, regardless of ejaculation or whether the POCKET TENGA is cleaned afterwards. This is mainly due to concerns surrounding hygiene, as the POCKET TENGA is designed to be a quality, single-use disposable product, and has not been tested to endure more than one use. 

The POCKET TENGA is built to be used with the accompanying lubricant once and is not designed to be cleaned for reuse. Should you try to clean and reuse the POCKET TENGA, the material may be damaged and we cannot guarantee a similar level of pleasure to the first use.

However we do offer several options for those seeking a reusable device, including items close to the sensations offered by the POCKET TENGA.  

Reusable TENGA Products

If you have enjoyed the POCKET TENGAs before, and would like a similar, reusable experience, we have three excellent product recommendations that you may enjoy. 

The TENGA GEO Series is a soft, super stretchy product similar to the POCKET TENGAs and TENGA EGGs but fully reusable. The internal detailing is displayed on the outside of the item. When you want to use the TENGA GEO, simply turn the product inside out for sensational stimulation from the stimulating geometric shapes. The GEO is easy to clean and comes with its own built-in drying stand included in the packaging. 

The TENGA 3D Series is another soft, stretchy reversible product from our reusable range. Featuring five different designs, each of the TENGA 3D offers stunning sensations combined with a product that is as simple to use as the POCKET TENGA, but easily cleaned and stored for use again and again.

The TENGA FLIP ZERO Series is our most luxurious hard-cased sleeve that ranks as one of our most popular reusable products. The FLIP ZERO, much like the POCKET TENGA, offers a great level of control over stimulation with the use of the in-built pressure pads, as well as being simple to use for beginners and experienced sex toy users alike.

The FLIP ZERO Series also has the FLIP ZERO EV (Electronic Vibration) variations, for those who want next-level stimulation. The FLIP ZERO features our most intricate internal details yet, for exceptional stimulation. Our pioneering FLIP-open design keeps the item hygienic for multiple uses. As with the GEO and 3D, the FLIP ZERO Series all have built-in drying stands to allow for easy cleaning.

If you would like to know more about these products, you can always read more about them in our How to Use the TENGA GEO Series, How to Use the TENGA 3D Series, and How to Choose from the TENGA FLIP Series blogs.


The POCKET TENGAs are becoming very popular, so it’s natural that many customers may want to use their POCKET TENGA multiple times. However, from both a design and hygiene perspective, the POCKET TENGAs aren’t produced to be reused. 

We suggest the TENGA GEO, the TENGA 3D and the FLIP ZERO Series as brilliant reusable options.However, if you’re interested in seeing what other options are available, we have many reusable TENGA products offering a variety of sensations and styles.

If you would like to know more about how to use your POCKET TENGA you can check out our blog here. If you’re not sure which POCKET TENGA to choose, we can guide you with some of our suggestions here.

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