How to Use the POCKET TENGA

As one of the newest in TENGA’s range of disposable, affordable products, there is a growing interest in the POCKET TENGA Series. The POCKET TENGA differs a lot in how it looks compared to a lot of similar ‘pocket pussy’ sex toys available on the market, so how to use the POCKET TENGA effectively is something some customers may not know. 

First, we’ll introduce you to this relatively new series, followed by our easy to understand ‘How To Use’ guide.




The POCKET TENGA is a series of single-use disposable sex toys featuring a super-stretchable material similar to that used in our globally popular TENGA EGG Series. They are bought individually and are compact enough to be travel-friendly and portable. The POCKET TENGA has been designed to fit in your pocket or any kind of bag you may use. The packaging is also resealable, making it both easy to use and dispose of.

Since their renewed release in 2021, there have been many inquiries about whether larger men can use this sex toy. The POCKET TENGA is made of a super-stretchable material, and should comfortably stretch to fit almost any size. They have been expressly designed to be used by stretching for complete coverage or, if preferred, limiting the stroking sensation to only the head of the penis for more direct stimulation. 

How to use the POCKET TENGA

The POCKET TENGA is simple and easy to use. Here’s a brief breakdown of how to use your disposable sex toy.


  1. Open the POCKET TENGA by tearing along the top of the package.
  2. Remove the enclosed POCKET TENGA and LOTION pouch. 
  3. Apply the included LOTION inside the POCKET TENGA.
  4. You're good to go!
  5. Once finished, place the used item back into zip-lockable packaging, seal again and dispose of the POCKET TENGA.

Please note you should stretch the POCKET TENGAs from the base only, as stretching from  the top can cause the item to prematurely break.

Different POCKET TENGA Available

The POCKET TENGA Series is available in six different variations, each ranked within three different categories; firmness, stimulation and details. Here is a breakdown of the different POCKET TENGAs available:

  • WAVE LINE - Smooth Stimulation of Endless Waves! The gentlest sensations of all the POCKET TENGA.
  • CLICK BALL - Spherical Nubs that Ripple All Over! This POCKET TENGA has the most balanced of all the sensations.
  • HEXA BRICK - Honey-Comb Ribs of Pleasure! Our firmest POCKET TENGA is for those who prefer stronger stimulation.

Each POCKET TENGA has completely different internal details, with a sensation and experience for everyone. To learn more about how to choose a POCKET TENGA, read our blog on which one you should choose here.


The best way to summarise the use of the POCKET TENGA is to open, use, then close and dispose! 

Firstly, open the POCKET TENGA by tearing along the top of the package and remove the contents (inc. one POCKET TENGA and a LOTION pouch).
Secondly, apply the included LOTION inside the POCKET TENGA. Make sure to use some around the entry point for a smoother insertion.
Lastly, once you’ve used it and had your fun, you can simply dispose of the POCKET TENGA by placing it back in the zip-lockable package. Once closed you can throw the product away with little to no mess!

Hopefully, this guide helps you to enjoy your POCKET TENGA, whether it be your first experience with a sex toy or you’re interested in the variety the POCKET TENGA range has.

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