How to Choose from the POCKET TENGA Series

You may not know too much about the POCKET TENGA. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the features of the POCKET TENGA and provide some tips on choosing which of the six types might be right for you.


A Brief Intro To The POCKET TENGA

The POCKET TENGA was designed to be one of our most affordable, entry-level disposable products, as well as one of our most convenient and portable masturbators. The POCKET TENGA is t​​ravel-friendly and portable, designed to fit in your pocket or any bag/luggage. It’s always ready when you are. If you want to know more about how to use and clean a POCKET TENGA, check out our blog here.

How do the POCKET TENGA differ?

The POCKET TENGA comes in six varieties, with each featuring different material elasticity and internal details. Here is a breakdown of the different POCKET TENGAs available:

  • WAVE LINE - Smooth Stimulation of Endless Waves! Also the gentlest of the POCKET TENGA.
  • CLICK BALL - Spherical Nubs that Ripple All Over! This POCKET TENGA has the most balanced of all the sensations.
  • HEXA BRICK - Honey-Comb Ribs of Pleasure! Our firmest POCKET TENGA for those who prefer stronger stimulation.

With so many different types of stimulation, there is sure to be a POCKET TENGA for you! Plus, with their affordable price, it is easy to try each and every one of the POCKET TENGA to see which sensation suits your tastes the best.

Which POCKET TENGA Should I Choose?

Much like the TENGA SPINNER Series, the POCKET TENGA have different rankings over a variety of different categories to give you an indication of the feel provided by that particular POCKET TENGA. This includes Firmness, Stimulation and Details. Let’s take a look at what each of those means:

  • Firmness - This ranks the firmness of the material of each POCKET TENGA, with the HEXA BRICK being the firmest and the WAVE LINE being the softes.
  • Stimulation - This indicates the overall intensity of stimulation that each POCKET TENGA will provide, with CRYSTAL MIST offering the strongest stimulation and again, the WAVE LINE providing gentle stimulation.
  • Details - Lastly, this shows the level of internal detailing each POCKET TENGA offers. The BLOCK EDGE provides the boldest internal detailing, while, although giving the strongest stimulation, the CRYSTAL MIST features the most delicate internal detailing. 

Ultimately, however, the choice is yours but you’re sure to find the perfect sensation for you! If you need some advice on how to use your POCKET TENGA once you've bought one, you can see our comprehensive guide blog here


Still not sure what to buy? Here’s what the TENGA team would suggest. For the gentlest starting POCKET TENGA, the WAVE LINE would be the best bet. For those looking for strong stimulations, the HEXA BRICK offers the best overall sensations for this. If you’d like to try something that is the best of both worlds, then the CLICK BALL provides the most balanced experience of all the POCKET TENGA Series.

Despite your personal preferences, all of the POCKET TENGA offer amazing stimulation, so it’s up to which design you’d prefer to try. You could always try your favorite color first!

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