How Do I Use the TENGA Bobble?

The TENGA Bobble utilizes newly developed molding technology that allows for firmer elastomer parts to be attached inside the soft material for a whole new kind of stimulation! Here’s a brief introduction to the Bobble Series, and how it can be used. 


The TENGA Bobble

The TENGA Bobble offers contrasting gentle and dynamic sensations, thanks to firm Cubes and Marbles embedded inside the soft elastomer. The ultra-soft and super flexible material combined with the precise design of the TENGA Bobble has created sensations that have never been experienced before. If you want to know more about how to choose your TENGA Bobble, check out our blog here.

The Two TENGA Bobble Options

The  TENGA Bobble is available in two different models, the TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes and the TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles. Each model has distinctive firm shapes and details, and by adjusting the firmness of your grip while stroking, provide a contrasting stimulation from the soft material and elastic pieces. The entire experience creates one sensational stroker. 

The TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes  edgy cubes bounce and bump for a wild ride while the TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles’ wavy marbles flow and roll for playful tumbling fun! 

How to Use the TENGA Bobble

How to use the TENGA Bobble: 

  1. Take the TENGA Bobble from its Case and remove the plastic film protector.
  2. Lubricate the inside and the insertion point of the TENGA Bobble with lotion to prepare for use.
  3. Hold the TENGA Bobble firmly near the insertion point, and insert. 
  4. After insertion, feel free to adjust your grip and the amount of pressure used to enjoy a variety of sensations.

How to Clean the TENGA Bobble

The TENGA Bobble Series are fully washable with a case that turns into a hygienic drying stand. To clean your TENGA Bobble, please do the following:

  • The TENGA Bobble can be turned inside out for easy cleaning. After use, make sure no lotion or other fluids remain on the item by washing thoroughly with tepid water and mild soap, and ensure the TENGA Bobble is completely dry before storing.
  • Place the product in the bottom case and let it dry in a well-ventilated area. After drying, cover with the top case.


  • Do not leave the product inverted as this may cause damage.
  • Do not over-stretch the product when turning it inside out for cleaning. Doing so may result in product damage.
  • Avoid using hot water of 50°C/ 122°F or higher, as it may damage the elastomer.
  • While body soap and other such products may be used, avoid using highly acidic/alkaline cleansers. Such cleansers may damage the elastomer.
  • Do not store the product inside-out in its case, as this may result in product damage.

To store the TENGA Bobble after thoroughly drying, the bottom case of the product acts as a drying stand. Place the Bobble on the bottom stand and store the Bobble in a cool and dark place, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures and humidity. Once fully dried, cover the TENGA Bobble with the top case for storage.

TENGA Bobble Summary

Hopefully, this guide helps you to understand how to use and clean the TENGA Bobble, so that you can enjoy your new TENGA sex toy to the fullest. Why not experiment with the soft elastomer and contrasting sensations, and with different gripping pressures to find the best bouncing, bounding and bumping stimulations for you! 

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