How to Choose from the TENGA AERO Series

You may not know too much about the TENGA AERO. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the features of the TENGA AERO and provide some tips on choosing which of the two types might be right for you.


A Brief Intro To The TENGA AERO

The TENGA AERO was designed with the idea of incorporating a new kind of suction technology that can be adjusted by a simple dial. This dial-controlled suction allows the TENGA AERO to give a personalized level of suction for the perfect experience for you. If you want to know more about how to use and clean a TENGA AERO, check out our blog here.

What is the Innovational "Aerotechnology"?

The TENGA AERO allows you to control the suction by twisting the dial, just as in the picture above. You can adjust the dial through ten levels to produce the ideal strength of vacuum suction. The shorter lines indicate a stronger suction sensation, with the longer lines offering a gentler stimulation. Move through the different levels to find your own personalized suction for the perfect experience.

What Are The Differences Between The Two AERO Products?

There are two different TENGA AERO to choose from, offering two unique sensations: Pleasure from spiraling surroundings with the AERO Silver Ring and pleasure from suctioning surfaces with the AERO Cobalt Ring! Each has different material hardness and details, allowing you to personalize the suction for the perfect experience. The elastic ring embedded in the elastomer body not only keeps the air inside and produces enveloping pleasure but also differs in hardness and sensation. 

When it comes to choosing your TENGA AERO, both the TENGA AERO are great, however, if you’d prefer a harder sensation we’d recommend the AERO Cobalt Ring. If you’d prefer a slightly gentler experience then we’d recommend the AERO Silver Ring. Ultimately, however, the choice is yours but you’re sure to find the perfect level of suction stimulation for you.


Still not sure what to buy? Here’s what the TENGA team would suggest. Take a look at the internal details of the TENGA AERO and choose which one looks the best to you. Both the AERO Cobalt Ring and the AERO Silver Ring offer amazing stimulation, so it’s up to which design you’d prefer to try

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