How Do I Use the TENGA AERO?

The TENGA AERO is one of the most recent sex toys released by TENGA. This product is designed with innovational aero technology using dial-operated suction controls to produce amazing sensations. Here’s a brief introduction to the AERO Series, and how it can be used. 



The TENGA AERO is designed to incorporate an innovative kind of suction technology that can be easily adjusted using the integrated dial. This dial-controlled suction lets the TENGA AERO give a personalized level of suction for the perfect experience for you. If you want to know more about how to choose your TENGA AERO, check out our blog here.

The Two TENGA AERO Options

The TENGA AERO is available in two different models; the TENGA AERO Cobalt Ring and the TENGA AERO Silver Ring. Each has distinctive material firmness and details, along with the built-in dial-control that allows you to personalize the suction for your perfect experience. The AERO Cobalt Ring provides pleasure from suctioning surfaces and the AERO Silver Ring’s spiraling surroundings give a sensational enveloping experience

How to Use the TENGA AERO

To use the TENGA AERO complete the following steps: 

  1. Remove the cap from the bottom of the TENGA AERO
  2. Lubricate both the inside and around the insertion point to allow for smooth entry. Insufficient lubrication may make it difficult to insert, or cause discomfort during use.
  3. Control the suction by turning the dial! Adjust the dial to produce the perfect strength of vacuum suction and tightness. Each turn will increase or decrease the level of suction experienced by the user. The elastic ring embedded in the elastomer body keeps the air inside and produces an enveloping pleasure.

How to Clean the TENGA AERO

The TENGA AERO Series are fully washable with a case that turns into a hygienic drying stand. To clean your TENGA AERO, please do the following:

  • Remove the Elastomer from the Outer Case to wash it.
  • After use, thoroughly wash out the lotion with cold or lukewarm water and then wipe off the remaining moisture with a dry towel.


  • Please be sure to dry the Elastomer without turning it fully inside out - you can only invert the AERO sleeve up to the internal ring as shown above.
  • Avoid using hot water of 50°C/ 122°F or higher, as it may damage the elastomer.
  • While body soap and other such products may be used, avoid using highly acidic/alkaline cleansers. Such cleansers may damage the elastomer.

To store the TENGA AERO after thoroughly drying the Elastomer, insert the Stand into the Cap, turn it counterclockwise, and return it to the bottom of the Cap when it hits the stopper.

Place the Elastomer inside the Outer Case, replace the Cap, and store the Product in a cool and dark place, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures and humidity. 


Hopefully, this guide helps you to understand how to use and clean a TENGA AERO, and once purchased, enjoy your new TENGA sex toy. Why not experiment with the suction levels, try them all out and you’re sure to find the perfect suction experience for you.

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