TENGA Pride Products and More

Over the past few years, TENGA has come out with a wide range of different designs and products to raise awareness and donations for the LGBTQ+ community while helping normalize the topic of masturbation.

Let’s take a look at some Pride products that TENGA released previously and what makes them worth checking out!



TENGA Rainbow Pride CUPs

 TENGA Rainbow Pride CUPs

Back in 2017, TENGA released the first TENGA Rainbow Pride CUP, a limited edition design for the TENGA Original Vacuum CUP. Since then, 3 more TENGA Rainbow Pride CUPs have been released. Each year, the limited edition TENGA Rainbow Pride CUP has a different design with somewhat of a different message and concept.

The TENGA Rainbow Pride CUP 2017 and 2018 have the concept of “No Borders”. Since borders are the lines that separate areas, these refer in part to the classic TENGA CUP’s silver stripes. Instead of the classic TENGA Original CUP with stripes across, the TENGA Rainbow Pride CUP 2017 and 2018’s designs display beautiful rainbow colors in non-structural patterns, which symbolize no divisions between people, with the phrase “Be Proud” printed on the CUP. This phrase is part of the campaign, where it encourages people to “Be Proud” because you’re awesome the way you are.

    The TENGA Rainbow Pride CUP 2019 and 2020 designs are based on the concept of QUILTBAG, an alternative acronym for LGBTQ+. This acronym not only includes sexual orientation terms; such as Lesbian and Gay, it is also inclusive of gender identities; Asexual and Intersex.

    QUILTBAG Acronym Graphic
    The designer for 2019 CUP, himself, is a queer person, who wanted to create a design that had all colors of the rainbow. The pattern is inspired by a quilt, where the individual pieces come together to create a beautiful whole. Each piece of the quilt is beautiful by itself and when they come together, they create a whole new piece of art. Just like the community, which is stronger and able to create a better place together. Along with this message, the phrase “Unite with Pride” is printed on the CUPs.

    TENGA EGG SHINY Pride Edition

    TENGA EGG SHINY Pride Edition In 2020, we took the popular TENGA EGG SHINY and released the Rainbow Pride Edition, which gives a portion of the sales to charities that support the LGBTQ community. Unlike the TENGA Rainbow Pride CUP, the TENGA EGG SHINY Pride Edition is a permanent addition to the TENGA EGG series. You can purchase the TENGA EGG SHINY Pride Edition all year round. The TENGA EGG SHINY Pride Edition hopes to help you feel good and let yourself shine bright!


    TENGA x Keith Haring 

    the TENGA x Keith Haring Collection

    In 2012, TENGA collaborated with the Keith Haring Foundation, a charity where Keith Haring’s legacy and artwork could be used to make the world a better place. TENGA hopes to celebrate and honor his ideals regarding making sexuality something anyone can enjoy by creating a world where people everywhere can safely and freely enjoy their sexuality. When the series was first launched, TENGA participated in the New York Pride Parade and hoped to spread awareness of Keith Haring’s efforts and help the LGBTQ+ community.

    Together with the Keith Haring Foundation, we created the KEITH HARING ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP, KEITH HARING SOFT CASE CUP, and 3 TENGA x KEITH HARING EGGs (DANCE, STREET, and PARTY) featuring Keith Haring’s artworks. The KEITH HARING TENGA EGGs’ internal details are just like their exterior Keith Haring’s artworks. These beautiful works of art make TENGA x KEITH HARING items perfect for display and use.

    In Japan, a portion of the sales for the TENGA x Keith Haring products are donated to the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention.


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      Hopefully, you find these products interesting, and if you are curious to check out some of the products mentioned above, please feel free to do so! Both the TENGA x Keith Haring products and TENGA EGG SHINY Pride Edition are available all year round and proceeds are donated to different charities depending on where you are.

      If you are curious to know more about what TENGA has done before, check out this dedicated blog of TENGA's previous Pride involvement. Or check out TENGA brand site’s CSR page!

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