The TENGA Masturbation Experience: Reusable Products

Are you browsing our TENGA online store but are unsure which item is for you? Have you tried our array of disposable products and are now looking for something a little more permanent to add to your collection?

Whether you are a seasoned or first time buyer, we’ve compiled a selection of customer reviews telling us about their experiences masturbating with reusable TENGA products to help you decide which of our products is best for you.*


Masturbation Experience with Reusable Products

Whether you have tried out some of our disposable items and are looking for something a little more permanent, or are on the market for a state-of-the-art item to elevate your masturbation experience, there is something for everyone with our wide array of reusable items. Read on to find out what some of our customers have to say about their experiences masturbating using reusable products from TENGA.


The TENGA SPINNER is our most affordable reusable item, ideal for anyone looking to start their foray into reusable toys. The classic TENGA SPINNER is available in six different versions, with additional limited edition models to choose from as well. Each SPINNER features an internal coil, making the SPINNER twist as you insert for a truly unforgettable experience unlike any other toy on the market.


“Never going to use another brand again! My girlfriend picked this item for me and all I can say is WOW! First, this thing feels amazing to hold and [use] on yourself. Second, the packaging is designed so after it is cleaned it can be dried. Third, this thing just looks good. You could leave it in the counter or your entertainment center and people will think it is some fancy decoration. If you are debating between this and other brands then just stop and purchase this. You will spend more time pleasuring yourself and less time cleaning, drying, maintaining, and hiding it like other products.”



The TENGA GEO is available in three eye-catching geometric designs, able to be displayed when not in use on its dedicated drying stand. The TENGA GEO is ideal for those who enjoy the stretchy material and stimulation of the disposable TENGA EGGs, but desire something that can be used again and again.


“I had become so used to using my hand that masturbation became the same old, same old. I purchased the GEO CORAL for its choice of described sensation and texture. The quality of the material, the lube and stimulation were explosive. The intense stimulation on the head of my penis and the resulting pleasure upon orgasm is incredible…This is the same experience each time I choose to use the GEO Coral. The material is so soft and pliable. The texture offers such a pleasurable sensation. The depth is deceiving. It fits perfectly over the head of the penis however it will easily stretch to give you complete coverage. It is so easy to clean and dry while using the stand. And it just looks cool, so I leave it out on the dresser.


TENGA crysta Series

Functional form and futuristic design combine in the TENGA crysta Series. The TENGA crysta is made of a soft, flexible casing with firm shapes embedded inside that move around as you change your grip. Available in three sensations, you can adjust your grip to customize the sensations of the TENGA crysta.



“When I first saw it, I thought that it would be too small and that it would only cover the head. But I quickly learned about the capabilities of this little gem. My crysta can stretch way more than I thought it could. The action is super. Great suction. The dynamic floating balls provide more stimulation than I expected but not so much that it becomes irritating. The feel of the crysta in my hand is appealing. Soft and supple with a good, secure grip. I've had it now for about 3 months and it seems to me that I should get many more months of pleasure from it. Another winner by Tenga!”

- Vincent  


 The TENGA FLIP ZERO is one of our most popular, luxury reusable items, designed to provide a truly unmatched level of pleasure while masturbating. All reusable items in the TENGA FLIP ZERO Series feature our premium materials and intricate internal details, with strong suction and vibrating variants available.



“I had always held on to the closed-minded notion that male masturbators were weird or shameful up until recently. My girlfriend and I were about to spend a month apart while she visited family, and I knew I was going to spend considerably more time with my hand. So I decided to spice up the love life a bit. There’s still something a bit uncanny-valley about masturbators that are made to look like genitals, at least for me. I much prefer the Tenga approach, which is so nondescript, a house guest could accidentally find this thing and probably not know what it’s for. Taking it out of the box, I didn’t even feel bashful using it the first time…There’s a pleasant variety of sensations. You can experiment with turning it, different angles, temperatures, you name it. Due to the textured interior I wouldn’t say it feels exactly like sex, nor does it try to; in fact, it’s better than a lot of sex that I’ve had…You’re probably wondering about the cleanup. Truthfully, it’s fine. It’s handily made to open up so you can get every nook…10/10, it’s worth every penny. None of what I was worried about has come to pass; the cleanup is fine, and my girlfriend of course doesn’t think it’s weird, or care. I honestly think anyone who has a penis should give this a shot.”

- Ryan

“Tenga made me discover a pleasure hitherto impossible to imagine. I own several Tenga products but this one is by far my favorite. The only negative point is that I would like to use it for more than 2 minutes but I am unable to do so, the pleasure is so intense. Try it alone, try it with your partner, morning, noon, evening, night, you'll never be the same man!”

- J.S.

“I must say, this product is absolutely incredible. First, it looks classy and really feels like a premium product. Other masturbators I’ve used in the past look like sad floppy body parts - frankly unappealing. While I was initially skeptical of the internal design, I have to give it an A+. Of all the toys I’ve used in my life, this one feels the closest to real sex…Do yourself a favor and buy one!

- Dan



As mentioned in our introduction to the FLIP ZERO above, the FLIP ZERO EV (Electronic Vibration) features two vibrating motors housed in the internal elastomer sleeve for direct, rumbling sensations. The FLIP ZERO EV BLACK provides firmer and stronger sensations, compared to the FLIP ZERO EV.


“The vibrations allow for a truly lazy masturbation session. All you need to do is turn it on and wait. My favorite setting is the random vibrations, it feels like it's moving even when it's not. It is also very easy to clean, dry, and recharge so it is ready for your next time”.

- I.L.


I have a regular Tenga Zero and it is amazing. But then it hit me .... Do they make one that vibrates? Because that would be unbelievable....and sure enough I found out they do. EVERYTHING I expected it to feel like. But don't get it if you want your pleasure to last for more than a minute or will finish you off before you even know what happened!! 

- D.H. 


With all of these options in mind, why not try out one of our many reusable items? Whether you are interested in one of the products mentioned above, or have another item in mind, there is sure to be a reusable TENGA item able to enhance your masturbation experience. With the holiday season approaching, gifting one (or more) of our reusable items is a great way to show your appreciation to a friend or loved one.

Stay tuned next week as we dive into the world of vibrators for couples, and other items from our iroha brand of self-pleasure items for women.

* Disclaimer: Please note that some customer reviews have been edited for clarity.








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