The TENGA Masturbation Experience: Couples and iroha

Are you browsing our TENGA online store but are unsure which item is right for you?
Whether you are on the market for something disposable, reusable, or something to use with your partner, we’ve compiled a selection of customer reviews telling us about their masturbation experiences with different TENGA and iroha products.*


Masturbation Experiences with TENGA Products for Couples

While TENGA may be commonly known as the creator of products for masturbation, we also make items to increase partnered pleasure as well. In our lineup of items designed for couples to enjoy, the TENGA SVR (Smart Vibe Ring) features a collection of vibrating rings available that can be used during partnered play.

Available in a variety of colors, the TENGA SVR is designed to enhance intimacy with your partner thanks to its strong, rumbling motor with multiple vibration strengths and rhythm patterns.

Our latest release, the TENGA SVR one, is a more affordable, battery-powered vibrating ring. It features a smooth exterior that is gentle on the skin, a one button operation for simple use, and a newly engineered C-shaped ring allowing the wearer to attach or remove the item during use.

Both the TENGA SVR and the TENGA SVR one are made to heighten intimacy between partners. Read on to hear about their experiences with the TENGA SVR series.


“I was impressed with this little thing! Its power surprised me. It's material was super smooth and soft to touch and it was waterproof as advertised so I could wash it which is super important to me. My partner also enjoyed it. Staple item in my bedroom now!”

- Jade

“Love it!!! We don't have sex without it. Guaranteed orgasm.”

- Olivia

“Love this toy! This is the second one of these I've purchased and both of my partners absolutely LOVE them. Highly recommend it!”

- M.G.

“I have purchased several high end, pricey devices, but none are as powerful, nicely designed and well engineered. Don't waste money with other expensive name brands, go for the very best- TENGA!”

- Evie

Masturbation Experiences with iroha Products 

Part of the TENGA group, iroha is a brand of luxury items with enticing, innovative designs, known for being crafted from a soft silicone outer layer and a pillowy-soft internal layer. In addition to vibrators, iroha has also created the iroha petit, a single-use non vibrating item offering a supple new sensation, different from your fingers or silicone.

With a multitude of options and price points to choose from, here is a selection of customer reviews featuring iroha products that are sure to enhance your self-pleasure routine.

iroha+ TORI

“This little bird was much more powerful than I anticipated, and its shape is really wonderful for all kinds of spots. The silicone cleans nicely and stays clean. I highly recommend it, [as] it has been getting a lot of use. The little beak is great for precise stimulation, especially with the power, and the gentle curve in it also makes it suitable for all kinds of uses.”

- Sunstone


iroha mini

"It’s super cute and gets the job done. Great quality product."

- S.D.

iroha YUKI

“Hands down the best that I have ever used. It’s quiet, soft, small and easy to use either alone or with a partner. When I first bought it I was slightly disappointed about the vibration strength however that quickly changed after having the longest and the most intense Os that I have ever had. Period. It also charges quickly and the charge lasts. I also want to mention that the first one I bought lasted for over 3 years until I had to replace it. Highly recommend this product. It is incredible and I haven’t been able to find another like it. Truly life changing.”

- K.C.

iroha RIN+

“Such a great vibrator. Very soft material, easy to clean, and nice vibration. Great size too.”

- Anonymous

iroha stick

“I used it by myself and along with my partner and the experience was amazing, the shape and vibration is really nice! Also it doesn't make much noise so you can concentrate on enjoying the moment.”

- N.D.


While TENGA may not be most famous for couples items, the TENGA SVR has been reviewed positively by many of our customers. With its intuitive design available in a variety of colors, the TENGA SVR has even been the recipient of the Red Dot design award. Additionally, the freshly released TENGA SVR one offers a new, affordable edition to the SVR lineup. On top of this, iroha provides a collection of luxury, design focused vibrators (and more) for women, perfect to use alone or with a partner.

* Disclaimer: Please note that some customer reviews have been edited for clarity.


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