The TENGA Masturbation Experience: Disposable Products

Are you browsing our TENGA online store for an item but are unsure which one is best for you? Whether you are on the market for a disposable item for yourself or as a gift for someone special, we’ve compiled a selection of customer reviews telling us about their experiences masturbating with TENGA disposable products.*


Masturbation Experience with Disposable Products

Our disposable items are a great way to test out an array of different stimulations with a budget- friendly price point. With our flagship TENGA CUP Series, our beloved TENGA EGG Series, and our discreet TENGA POCKET Series, there is a disposable item sure to align with your preferences.

Standard CUP Series

Our Standard CUP Series includes five different CUPS with different designs and sensations for you to choose from. Items in the Standard CUP Series are also available in Gentle and Strong (and extra strong and gentle!) versions depending on the user’s preference.

Read more below to find out about our customer’s masturbation experiences using the iconic Standard CUP Series.


“Excellent. Perfect balance of price and effectiveness. I have bought many cups in the past year, different types and prices, but this one actually fulfilled my expectations.


“Great product! I was surprised how little clean up happened after use. Truly a product of the future.”

- B.M.


“A definite go-to for pleasure. The Original Soft Case Cup is an 11/10! Lets you edge for hours and control the pressure and strength of each thrust. Being able to squeeze the cup heightens the sensations and control, which is amazing! This is an old reliable and does not fail to please.”



 “Great product. Felt good and easy to use.”

- J.P.


"The feeling of both sides of the cup was good. I highly recommend it if anyone wants to try a different sensation."

- J.S.


“I didn't think anything could top the ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP. But the AIR FLOW CUP is a whole other level of satisfaction. The air chambers inside made this CUP feel more gentle than its predecessor, even though the texture looks more aggressive. As I dove into it, the way the Air Chambers pushed back felt enveloping and really helped to stimulate me. The internal nubs rubbed and massaged against me at just the right places. and the signature TENGA Vacuum worked so well here that it brought me to one of the most satisfying climaxes I've had in recent history.”

- K.B.

Premium CUP Series

The Premium CUP Series updates the Standard CUP Series with TENGA’s finest materials and intricate internal details made possible from over 15 years of expertise. Like the Standard CUP Series, the Premium CUP Series is also available in both Gentle and Strong versions.


Great product. Feels amazing, lube is great, really good quality. I would buy 30 of them a month if I could afford to! Pro tip - I run it under hot water for a few minutes beforehand, feels awesome.”

- CS 


“I just received the Tenga premium cup - STRONG version and I have to say this, that was the most incredible feeling I've ever felt. The quality, the design, and the packaging but the overall pleasure I felt from this toy has changed me through the process of normal masturbation. This was incredible. I will definitely buy more different products soon. Thanks, Tenga!”

- Anonymous


One of our most well-known and popular products, the TENGA EGG Series can be purchased separately or as a Variety Pack so you can test out each different sensation. With multiple sensations to choose from, a unique discreet design, and super stretchy material able to fit users of almost any size, the TENGA EGG is sure to make a perfect gift for yourself or a friend. 


“Love the ease and simplicity of use. Feels pretty good too”

- Anonymous

"Wow. So easy to use and very inconspicuous feels really great especially with the lubricant."

- Anonymous

“Outstanding materials, unbelievable design and realistic feel Today’s technology is answering all the questions we asked for. Thanks again.”

- Anonymous



If the TENGA EGG isn’t discreet enough, the POCKET TENGA will surely deliver with its low profile, streamlined design able to, as the name suggests, easily tuck into your pocket. The POCKET TENGA comes in six types, with each featuring different material elasticity and internal details.


“The block version is great for use if you want a hard or harsh texture. This would be a neat stocking stuffer in say packs of 5 with choice of mixed or 5 of a kind.”

- J.G.


“I like this pocket series…They just seem more effective on your senses.”

-  Jeremy


For both new and experienced users alike, disposable items are a great way to test out different products. With its wide collection of products, each with different sensations, there is sure to be a TENGA item to meet your needs.

Moreover, disposables make a thoughtful present or cheeky stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season. If you're on the hunt for an impressive gift for your friend or maybe just looking to treat yourself, we recommend checking out our selection of disposable items!

* Disclaimer: Please note that some customer reviews have been edited for clarity.





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